Cards that Mirror Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Cards that Mirror Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Card that Mirrors your Strength & Weakness
The Tarot spread shown above can help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, even when you are not fully aware of how they are demonstrated in your life. Shuffle the cards and then draw out four, placing them in the arrangement as shown above. The card in the first position will show you the nature of the challenge that is currently being faced and what you need to know about it at this point in the journey. The card in the second position illustrates your greatest strength which should be used to face the challenge in card one. The third card illustrates your biggest weaknesses that should be minimalized when it comes to this specific challenge. At the bottom of the spread, the final card is the Tarot’s advice for utilizing your strengths to counterbalance your weaknesses, so the end of the challenge will be a success.

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