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Be Familiar With Tarot Decks

        Tarot cards are usually used as a tool for divination to uncover the forces at work in your life. You are probably familiar with some of the images or card names. Tarot cards originally started as a card game that originated in northern Italy and southern …

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Four Universal Elements And Tarot Cards

        Four elements which are Earth, Air, Fire and Water were the basis of our universe during the era of ancient philosophy, astrology and medicine. Throughout the history of the Tarot, each suit evolved to represent one of the classic elements. Tarot suits, the corresponding elements and the symbolism and …

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I Am Not A Psychic, Can I Read Tarot Cards?

    Have you  had an awesome  Tarot reading and thinking if you could ever use this amazing tool  yourself? Plenty of my clients have expressed the desire to read cards, and, in the same breath, said, “But I’m not psychic, so I guess I can’t.” This isn’t true! If you have the patience and …

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Reverse Tarot Card Can Do You Good

   I grew up with psychics and cards everywhere… Grandma would sit in the tea room smoking like a chimney. She sat at a coffee table and at the opposite end was someone else, usually a stranger who had read Grandma’s newspaper ad or heard about her from a friend.   Many …

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Use Tarot Cards For Yourself

Tarot cards have held an occult and mystical meanings for events that are to come, can read your past, and it’s being used as a method of divination for so many years now. These cards are well-known to be used in readings to predict one’s fortune in the near future. …

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Tarot Cards: Does it work or not?

Does Tarot really work or is it just our emotions tricking us? Tarot does “work,” if by working we mean that about 85-90 percent of the time, the cards accurately describe specific details of the life or activities of a person in question. There is some healthy room for error, which …

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