Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is the thirteenth card in the suit of Wands.  This card is a positive card and has a female influence in it.  You will see someone that has a good career and is honest, and they will help you.  Even without a reading, you will know who this person is.  This lady should be a person that will give you advice that you will listen to.

The Queen of Wands represents working hard and being independent in life.


The past with the Queen of Wands is that you had a good upbringing in your childhood and had a lot of support.  Your mom or your dad had a good job, and they gave you all you needed.  This happened in your life, and if you love your job and you want to keep moving forward, this is a good card for you.  Of course, the childhood influence in your life was different from other people, but you can consider how other people live and learn about them.


In the present, the Queen of Wands card shows that you have a job that you work hard in and that you love.  This card can show you that you will have time and money if you keep working towards it.  You will have less stress and be comfortable in your life.  You will have a female friend that will influence you, and most likely, it will be someone that will give you advice.  Someone will come to you that needs to have your advice so you should give it to them.  Both of you will care for each other.


The Queen of Wands in the future can mean that you will have an easy life.  You need to take suggestions that people give you and not treat others badly.  Learn to see life as a good thing and create things and learn to work together with people.  Work on having a long-term goal and learn to achieve things.  You will reach this goal and help others with their problem.  You might even already have an answer to a problem that has not come to you, which will help other people.


With the Queen of Wands, the work position shows that you will be hardworking, but you will like your work.  You will work hard, and you will have connections for the future.  In addition, you will have a female that will influence you and help you with your job. She will give you a new look at your job and will help you to grow. Trust this person and take her advice seriously.


Love with the Queen of Wands shows that you will have a strong female energy that will represent you or someone you like to spend time with as part of your life.  Someone might be dropping hints that they like you; they will help you to grow in all areas.  This is a sign of fertility and may mean a child in the future.


The friendship of the Queen of Wands shows that you are in a good place, but you need to make new female friends.  You will need to meet someone with a good job that you can get close to that can help you.  Do you know someone that is like this?  It can be rewarding, and you don’t want to miss out on this.  Look for people that are older than you so you can connect with them and learn things. Their experience may be different from your own, but they still have lots to share.


The finances for the Queen of Wands show that you will see your money grow in the future.  You need to be moderate and not spend too much and make sure that you are earning what you should. Others might want advice from you about buying things, so help point them in the right way. While you should not overspend, make sure your needs are met.


The health of the Queen of Wands shows that you are in a place where your mind and body should be balanced.  There is a chance for an upcoming pregnancy so if this is possible, find out as soon as you can.  If it isn’t, one will affect you in some way soon, maybe a close friend or loved one. Make sure to practice strong self-care and keep things in balance.


Your spiritual being with the Queen of Wands shows that you will have fun and inspire people to work for you.  You will have skills that can teach others, and you will learn to treat people that come into your life like a mother figure, especially in the career that you are in.  So pass on what you know and don’t keep it hidden.


The Queen of Wands in reverse represents evil and jealousy.  You might be insecure in life and have other people who are doing better in their lives.  You have to accept that other people are going to be more successful than you, and you have to move on.  Learn to be guarded and keep your secrets as your own, but you will inspire others if you choose to open up.  It is best to live an honest life.


  • Successful
  • Goddess
  • Courageous


The element of the Queen of Wands is fire.

Yes or No Question?

The answer to the question is yes. As with all readings, make sure you are focused on your area of concern and present completely during the reading.