Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles

The tenth card in the suit of Pentacles is the Ten of Pentacles.  This card shows positivity in having enough.  Don’t expect that you will need something and you will have what you desire.

The Ten of Pentacles shows security, having strong finances, and looking for past inspiration in your life.


The past of the Ten of Pentacles shows that you have a good financial past and that you will not have to worry about money, at least not in the future.  Of course, you will not have earned this foundation, and it might seem bad, but you are not arrogant or self-centered because you have gained goodness on top of wealth.


The present of the Ten of Pentacles shows that you are in a place where things will go well in the future.  So don’t panic about things or worry about things in the future.  Even if things happen, learn them as an experience.  Think of your skills and build them.  Find a person to motivate you.


The future of the Ten of Pentacles shows that you will struggle, but you will make it through.  This has to do with money issues.  You need to be in a good place in your business and don’t expect things to go smoothly, but there will be a good outcome in the end. Stay positive and focused when struggles do arise.


The work of the Ten of Pentacles shows that you will be able to deal with money.  If things are going well, they will keep going well, and if they are going bad, then you will change soon, so do not give up.  Things could be worse.  Think about the parts of your job you do enjoy and keep those in mind. We all have aspects of work that are not wonderful, but stay focused on what you like and your overall goals.


The love of the Ten of Pentacles shows that you will be happy and not have stress.  If you are looking for someone, think about what kind of partner you want.  This is a good time for you now, and if you want to be alone, that is okay too. Make sure you go for what you want even if it means being alone.


Your friendship in the Ten of Pentacles shows that you are going well, and you don’t expect any arguments in the future.  Have a good conversation with your friends, be happy with them, and let them know.  Take time to volunteer and give back to someone.  Be active with your friends and go to dinner or the theater together.


The finances of the Ten of Pentacles show that you are in a positive place.  If you are looking for work but have not been able to find it, this is a good sign that you will get back on your feet.  Things will work out well for you so that you won’t be wanting for anything.


The Ten of Pentacles in your health shows that you need not worry about your future as you are in a good place.  Do not worry about your health because it is solid.  Instead, take care of your needs. This does not mean you should stop doing what you already do, but there is no need for changing your routine if you do not want to at this time.


The spiritual part of the Ten of Pentacles shows that you are in a peaceful time in your life. Think outside of your past and imagine what you want in your future.  Take things easy, and don’t push yourself. Now is not the time for a spiritual deep dive, but it is okay to seek small bits of information as you grow.


The Ten of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you are longing for a future, but you cannot figure out what it is.  This is a future that you are dreaming about.  What do others expect from you?  What do you want your life to look like?  Sometimes you can get trapped in things, and you have to have freedom.  Money can make you jealous and greedy.  Learn to be happy with what you have because you are probably better off than most people, and people will wish they were you.  Live life simply.


The ten is a good number and can mean complete.  It can also represent a higher number than the number one.  This suggests that you will achieve a goal.  You need to work on your passions and do something that will benefit your future.  If you have a lot of tens in a reading, it can mean you are starting a new chapter in life.  Don’t forget your past but move on from it.


  • Successful
  • Families
  • Tradition


The element of the Ten of Pentacles is the element water.

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is yes. Remember when you are receiving or doing a reading to stay focused on the question at hand, yet relaxed.