The Hierophant Tarot Card


The fifth card in the Major Arcana is the Hierophant card.  This card is representative of a leader or sometimes a pope.  This card is sometimes called “The Pope,” or the “High Priest,” and he is one that is the opposite of the High Priestess card.  This card has the same type of values of orthodoxy and believes in stability, just like a king.

This card represents the importance of being spiritual and having a strong religious understanding in life.


The past position of the Hierophant is something that represents being a part of a group or being a member of something.  This card shows that you have ethics that mold who you are and that you come from a very strong religious family.  This could change the way that you think about certain topics.


The Hierophant in the present position shows a new belief system, and it could cause you not to act irrationally.  This shows you not to act on your feelings or your emotions and to make sure that you are established.  Know who you are. This is important for all people, but receiving this card in a reading means you need to focus on establishing who you are in life.


The future position of this card shows that you do not have to follow some plan; you just need to let life guide you where you are going, and that will be enough.  Things will work out, and great things are coming. Some people may struggle to just let life happen, but it is something you need to do at least for a time.


In work, you will see that there is a possibility that you will be sent to another area. There could be a new job when you draw the Hierophant card. There is no need to look for this job because it will come to you. Be open to making the change when it comes.


If you want to be in love, drawing the Hierophant card is a good thing. First, you need to find someone interested in you, and this will most likely be someone you have known for a long time.  If you are already in a relationship, things will continue to be the same way that they are which will hopefully be a positive.


This card suggests that you will have a change in your friendships.  You will stay committed to people who are already your friends and start a new activity that may introduce even more people to your circle.


Regarding money, the Hierophant reminds you that you should not make questionable investments and  stay risk-free. Find people who know how you should invest and talk to them to learn your options.  Then, shop around if you don’t have the best deal on any purchases.


Your health will be good if you exercise and eat healthily.  Always follow a routine, and do not be ashamed of your body. The Hierophant card is a reminder that you have to make good decisions about your health if you want it to continue to be good.


The Hierophant is part of spirituality.  This is a tradition and will give you inspiration in your life.  Religion will be important to you, and you will see that you have core values that are worth listening to and following.  You will treat others kindly and follow the golden rule. The Hierophant is not symbolic of any one religion, but that you are a spiritual person overall.


The Hierophant is seen like other cards; he sits on a throne and is between two pillars.  He reinforces religious beliefs and holds a benediction posture in his right hand. The Hierophant card does have spiritual or religious undertones which are seen in a reading.


In reverse, the card can show that you are not as spiritual as you should be.  This will not mean that you do not have religion; you just do not feel that you have a real purpose as part of that religion.  You need to find out what you want to do and what you want to control in your life.


  • Guru
  • Religious
  • Spirituality
  • Tradition


The Hierophant is the Earth element.


The Hierophant is Taurus

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