The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor Tarot Card
The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor is a masculine card and is seen as a king that has a beard and is on a throne.  The Emperor wants to be in charge and has an Orb and an Ankh in his hand.  His impression on people is that he reminds people of a mythical king.


In the past, the Emperor was the presence of a father.  He is a guide and a teacher who teaches you lessons so that you can learn from them today.  If you were taught by someone who was strict, this is where you learned to follow the rules.


The Emperor knows that rules and regulations are important, and it means that there is someone that can guide you, and you might meet someone that will be a role model or someone that will be famous.


In the future, the card suggests that you change your mindset and you learn to be stable in your life.  You may find that the political things that you believed in change and that you want to try new things in life.  You will learn to follow techniques that work.


In regard to work, the Emperor does not give you surprises, and if you are looking to start a new job, you will do well at it. Follow your gut in choosing whether to start something new or stay in your current position.


Drawing the Emperor card shows that you will be stable in your relationship, and things will be the same.  If you are in a relationship, you will learn more about each other and will know everything.  If you are not in a relationship, you need to look for a new person, someone you know is interested in who you are.  The Emperor is alone on his own, which means that he is thinking about bigger things in life.


The Emperor sits alone, and you may find that you are alone in your life.  You may not want to work with others when you do projects, and you will start seeing life in a new way. Being alone is not a negative, but a time to build up self-confidence and focus on self-care.


Money will be good when you draw the Emperor card.  First, however, you may want to invest in something and learn to understand how money works.


You will have a surprise in your health if you draw the Emperor card, and this can mean that things are going to change in a big way.  If you are already sick, you might be sick for a while longer, but you will want to figure out how to change things and improve things.  Do not try holistic treatments but do what the doctor tells you to do to get better.


There is wisdom with the Emperor card because he is wise like a father.  If you are currently spiritual, you will stay on a path that is the best for you.


The Emperor card is a masculine card, and he represents a king.  So he always will have a beard, and he will always sit on a throne.


The Emperor is a person that always wants to be in control and in a ruling position.  However, there can be a power that is not used right, and you will see that someone else might take their control too far.  This can even be you that does this.  Do you find that you are making people uncomfortable?


  • Establishing
  • Father
  • Patriarch
  • Strength
  • Authority
  • Boss


The Emperor stands for the Fire element.


The Emperor is an Aries.

When asking a Yes or No Question: The answer will be yes.