The eighth card in the Major Arcana is the Strength card.  This was once called Fortitude.  This card is linked with Justice and Temperance and is a great card to draw.

This card shows self-control. Self-control is important in life so drawing this card is a positive in most cases.


The past of the Strength card is a time when you take control of your life, and this has paid off for the present.  You put a lot of time into this, and now it is done, and it is great. Appreciate the work and obstacles that got you to this point.


The card in the present, with Strength, is that you are great at what you have done in your life.  You are getting better, and everything in your life will be great. Keep going on the path you are on and keep up all the good work and things you are doing. This will continue to pay off.


You will have a future sign that is good with the Strength card.  If you are bothered by something, it will change in the future.  Think about how you worry and how much you think about what happened in the past.  Do not let your worries affect your life. It does us no good to dwell in the past. Know that whatever has happened or will happen will work out if you stay on your path.


Take time to work on things so that you can be challenged in life.  Don’t worry about work or things in your life and spend time figuring out what you have in your life. As the saying goes, find your passion and you will never work a day in your life. Take time to find that passion so work becomes more than just a source of income.


The Strength card brings problems that you will and will not like.  If you are already in a relationship, you will know that you are at the right time and place.  Allow yourself to be strong and single if you are not in a relationship. Now is not the time to search for something new or end something old.


Strength in your friendship means that you will have new friends and be stronger.  You will be more open to experiences and will have the opportunity to teach your friends good things.  You will not want to be snotty or cocky in how you handle them.


If you draw this card, it can be good for your finances.  You might win the lottery or come into some money. When this happens, enjoy, but do not go wild. Use the money wisely on things you need.


The Strength card means that you will be healthy, and you have to get into a healthy mindset and keep going. This can mean starting a new eating or workout regime that will improve your health and wellbeing.


Your spirituality is that you will have a spiritual path that you will choose.  Therefore, you will want to look at your religious views and find out why you feel these things. Knowing why you believe what you believe is just as important as the beliefs themselves.


If you have the Strength card, it shows that you do not have the willpower to move on.  If you want to be on top, you are weak, but you can still accomplish things.  No matter what your strength is, it will keep improving.  So keep working hard even if you fail sometimes.


  • Powerful
  • Strong
  • Believing
  • Hero


The Strength card is the element fire.


The Strength card is a Leo.

Yes or No Answer

A definite yes! There is no question that the answer is positive, but make sure you keep a clear question in mind for this card.