Using the Life Aspect Spread

Life Aspect Spread

The card spread, the Life Aspect Spread, deals with life issues that a person is having.  So if a person comes to you for reading, have an open mind and shuffle the deck.

Laying Out the Deck

Take six cards and put them face down, and then turn over the top card on the left; this is card number 1.  Follow the top row and then the bottom row in the same exact way.

Card 1:  This card tells about the person’s career, what kind of work they do.

Card 2:  This is a card that deals with love and romance

Card 3:  This card shows the friendship that people have.

Card 4:  This card is all about finances and money.

Card 5:  This card is about mental health and how someone feels in their mind.

Card 6:  This card is all about spiritual things.

This is your reading when you have all of the cards spread out. A deeper description is shared below.

Card One:

This first card is all about a person’s life path or career. This is the way in which they make a living. Some people may be more interested in their job than others, but this card clarifies the type of work that is accomplished. The card may be interpreted in a number of ways depending on the card drawn, but it will always be focused on career.

Card Two:

The second card is all about the area of love and romance. The area of love and romance can be a touchy subject for many, but trust the cards and your intuition. Perhaps the person receiving the reading is in a tough relationship and needs guidance, perhaps they are wondering if love will ever come, either way, the cards can offer information based on your intuitive interpretation. Remain open minded and focused on the reading.

Card Three:

Card three is all about friendships that people already have and new ones that may be in the making. Friendships are important in life because they are our connection to others, but we must treat these friendships carefully. This card will reveal things like the strength of friendships, whether problems exist, and if a friendship is faltering. Keep in mind this is open to the interpretation of the reader.

Card Four:

Card four is about money and finances. This is also a touchy subject for some people. Money is important in our lives, but it should not be a controlling factor. Even when the cards show abundance, we must be cautious in making good choices. This card often reveals the person’s financial standing, whether money is forthcoming, or if a financial issue may arise.

Card Five:

Card five focuses on mental health. Mental health is important, though often overlooked. Our mental wellbeing can affect us physically and spiritually as well, so great care is needed in this area. If the cards reveal a struggle with mental health, perhaps a time to relax and unwind is necessary. If the cards show strong mental wellbeing, continue on the same path over time.

Card Six:

Card six is focused on spirituality and spiritual wellbeing. This will show whether the person receiving the reading has a strong spiritual life, regardless of religion and whether they are staying true to their beliefs. Some choose to overlook spirituality, but it is very important in life.

Remember if you are receiving or giving a reading to stay open-minded, but focused on the one getting the reading. The cards and interpretation can reveal a great deal if we are willing.


  1. Interesting methodology. The six categories cover most areas of human concern, although the effectiveness of such readings depends heavily on the reader’s interpretive skills.

    • True, and one must also consider the subjective nature of such readings. Different readers might come to different conclusions based on the same cards.

    • Indeed, the interpretation skills are crucial. However, the structure seems to offer a systematic way to address key life aspects.

  2. This spread appears to be well-rounded. Each card focuses on a significant area of life, which can offer valuable insights. However, the reliance on intuition makes the outcomes less predictable.

  3. I appreciate the holistic approach taken by this spread. The emphasis on mental health and spirituality alongside career and finances is particularly commendable.

  4. The Life Aspect Spread provides a comprehensive overview of various life areas. The cards seem to offer a balanced approach to understanding one’s career, love life, friendships, finances, mental health, and spirituality.

  5. The inclusion of both tangible and intangible aspects of life, such as money and spirituality, provides a balanced perspective. However, the interpretation’s accuracy is a variable factor.


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