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Life Aspect Spread

Life Aspect Spread

The card spread that is the Life Aspect Spread deals with life issues that a person is having.  If a person comes to you for a reading, have an open mind and shuffle the deck.

Laying Out the Deck

Take six cards and put them face down and then turn over the top card on the left, this is card number 1.  Follow the top row and then the bottom row in the same exact way.

Card 1:  This card tells about the persons career, what kind of work they do.

Card 2:  This is a card that deals with love and romance

Card 3:  This card shows friendship that people have.

Card 4:  This card is all about finances and money.

Card 5:  this card is about mental health and how someone is feeling in their mind.

Card 6:  This card is all about spiritual things.

When you have all of the cards spread out, this is your reading.

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