The eighteenth card in the Major Arcana is the Moon card.  This card is an illustration that represents celestial objects.  This is a mystical card.

The Moon card means that you are unclear about things and that you are not sure what you should do.


The Moon card in the past means that you are remembering things that did not happen that way.  You might have had an event happen but it didn’t happen the way that you remembered it.  If you meet someone you knew before, they will have changed.


The present with the Moon card means that something is going to happen, and you will have a hard time understanding it.  This is similar to the Fool card, but you are not ignorant.  You expect things to happen, but you want there to be a plan.  There is no clarity in your life, and you have a fear of not knowing.  You have a lack of light and you cannot see things clearly.


The Moon in the future is that you are not sure where your life is going to take you.  You feel that you are the only one that feels this way.  There are rules that cannot be broken.  Spend time being happy and don’t worry about the future.


Your work might not be in the bigger picture.  You need to not see things from your own eeys but allow things to come and be discussed.  Ask if there are rumors about you and you might do better or worse than you expected.


In love, the Moon might mean that you are having a hard time getting along with your partner or your spouse.  There could be things that are hidden in the relationship and that are not expected to last.  The revers is true, and you need to be open to each other and when you argue, take time to cool off before you talk and don’t act on your emotions.


The Moon has good highlights on friendship, but you are never sure about it.  You might feel like you don’t know your friends and you might want to block someone out from getting close to you.  Don’t lie to them just tell them the truth.


In regard to finances, the Moon card can show you that you have a hard-financial situation.  You have to be more logical and not spend money on things that you don’t need.  Watch what you spend and make sure things are not hidden from you.


Your health is strong, but you need to go to the doctor just to make sure.  This can help you to feel better.  If you have a sickness, talk to your doctor and let them comfort you.


Your spirituality in regard to the Moon is that you will feel that you are very spiritual.  You will feel connected to the universe and not be led astray by other things.  You will stay on your path.


In reverse the Moon can mean that something unhappy is happening in your life.  You might have a hard life and not understand it.  You might think someone is waiting for you to do something, but you aren’t sure what.  You have too much pressure and you need to think about your situation.  Build things up and learn to cope with your life.


  • Fantasy
  • Hiding
  • Deceived
  • Illusion


The element of the Moon card is water.


The sign of the Moon is Pisces.

Yes or No Question?

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