Tarot Symbols for Deep Meaning

Tarot Symbols

Tarots have been around for years and years and the decks are full of symbols and meanings. They are there to show you what your life can look like and who you are and who you are meant to be. The deck is important and focuses on symbolism and you need to find a deck that you can connect with.

Objects of Tarot

There are four suits the wands, pentacles, cups, and swords. These each have their own meaning.

  • Wands

This is a symbol of passion and fire. They are held by people that are strong and mystical. They represent fine tools and balance. The symbol helps you to move past your limits.   Use the wand to get past worries.

  • Pentacles

Pentacles are drawn out on the cards and are used in cloth or metal. They can be inscribed on a coin. They have a pentagram, and they represent the five elements. They can be manifested into money, business, and physical things. 

The symbol of the pentacles represent the earth element and can give you answers if you are searching.

  • Cups

Cups are there to hold your emotions and to keep your love and relationships moving. This is ruled by the water element and spiritual. This symbol reminds you to keep your cup filled and to not let it get empty.

  • Swords

The swords mean protection and authority and courage. This will show you that you can use discernment and intellect to make decisions. This is a dual thing of life and death. Seeing a sword can mean that you have a message to help you have new ideas.

Flowers and Fruits

Flowers and fruits have many symbols such as:

  • Rose

The rose is found on the cards:

    • The Magician.
    • The Fool.
    • Nine Swords.
    • The Hierophant.
    • Queen of Pentacles.
    • Strength.

These all have different meanings depending on the card, but they are representative of birth, romance, love, resurrection, and truth. A white rose can mean that you will be innocent and pure. The Fool holds the rose when he jumps, and it can mean he is newly born.

  • Pomegranate

This is a symbol that means fertility and sensuality. It can mean marriage and it can mean new concepts happening in your life. This can represent good luck and relationships and reminds you to enjoy life.

  • Animals

Animals are often symbolic in tarot cards, and they have different meanings such as:

  • Horse

This can be found on the cards:

    • Death.
    • Knight of Pentacles.
    • Knight of Wands.
    • Knight of Cups.
    • Knight of Swords.
    • The Sun.
    • Six of Wands.

The horse means freedom, being confident and competing. They are used in a tarot guide for cards. The horse is ridden and can represent politics. Pentacles use this to wait but they are stubborn and want to see the horse get on its journey. This can be a new thing or a new travel.

  • Birds

This can be found on the cards:

    • The Star.
    • Ace of Cups.
    • Nine of Pentacles.
    • Knight of Swords.

Birds are truthful and pure. They mean good luck and they feature a spiritual life and being aware. They revolve around truth and thought and can be healing and luck.

  • Lion

This can be found on the cards:

    • Wheel of Fortune.
    • The World.
    • Strength.
    • Queen of Wands.
    • Two Cups.
    • King of Wands.

Lions are courageous creatures and are royal. They represent the king of the jungle and being fearless. They will be seen in a zodiac sign and in the Strength card. They are open and will mean that you are vulnerable.

Spirit and Culture

Tarot cards can be connected with both spiritual and cultural meanings such as:

  • Sphinx

This is found on the Chariot and Wheel of Fortune cards. This represents being a guardian and can be a reminder to see light in the darkness. It can be a duality and is powerful. It should open up your realization in life.

  • Angels

Angels are found on the cards:

    • Judgement.
    • The Lovers.
    • Temperance.
    • Queen of Swords.
    • King of Swords.

These are found in celestial cards and will give messages. They send messages to connect you with the spiritual part of yourself. Michael is one on the cards and he is seen battling. This can be a symbol to wake up and to be guided when given a message. 

Final Thoughts

Using tarot cards can help you to understand the things going on in your life. You can use them symbolically to help you connect deeply. Use the cards to interpret your lif