The Eight of Swords Card

Eight of Swords
Eight of Swords

The eighth card in the suit of Swords is the Eight of Swords.  This card shows a scary scene of a woman that is blindfolded and surrounded by swords.  She doesn’t know what to do but not doing anything is a bad choice.  There will be a way out, but it will not be painful.

The Eight of Swords represents being stuck and being frustrated in life and trying to win obstacles that are impossible.


The past of the Eight of Swords card shows that you are trapped, and you want to find freedom.  You know what kind of struggles you had to get where you are today, and you know it was hard and painful.  You know what led you to that place and you want to avoid this in the future.  You hated the place that you were living in and you didn’t like it so you wanted free.


The present of the Eight of Swords shows that you cannot live without struggle and pain, but the experiences are teaching you to grow and to be better.  You will not be able to avoid them.  Life is full of pain, but it is only for a time and it will go away.  Even if things seem impossible, learn to work hard and break free.  You will have problems but do not give up, keep strong and have willpower.


The future of the Eight of Swords shows that you will face a bunch of trials, but you will have a peaceful life in the end without negativity.  You will deal with things and not avoid them, but you can make things easier by understanding it.  You are not alone and even if you think you are, you are not.


The work with the Eight of Swords shows that you will have a hard time in your work and that you will feel stuck for a while.  You will use work to help you to live but you will feel that you are giving too much time to a career that isn’t going anywhere.  There will be circumstances that bring change, and this can be hard change.  You are stuck in a cycle and you have to consider changing your career path because staying in the present one is not good for you.


Your love in the Eight of Swords shows that you have things that are not going well with your partner.  You might need to break up with them if you are considering them to be a bad influence or you to be one.  Some people are not meant to be together.  If you are single and happy, dedicate a time for yourself to look for a partner.  Even if you feel this is impossible, ask someone for help and they will help you not have to do it alone.


The friendship of the Eight of Swords shows that you will have friends that want to be parasites in your circle.  You feel that you are being ostracized by them and you will need to get away from them.  Put people out of your life and take time alone.  Don’t feel bad if you break from people that are not helping to make your life better.  Detach yourself even if it is hard to save yourself pain later down the road.


The financial part of the Eight of Swords says that you will need to not spend irrationally, and you need to think about problems and handle them the right way.  Don’t force people to pay you back because this will backfire on you.  If you need your money, ask nicely and be kind to them.  If you have bought something that cost a lot recently keep it in good condition but use it.


The health of the Eight of Swords shows that you are needing someone that you can talk to.  Find someone that can talk to you about your mental and physical problems and do this.  Get things off your chest and learn to have trust in someone else.  Don’t handle this alone.


The spirituality of the Eight of Swords shows that you need to think about things in life.  Even if things are good or bad, they are on a scale and you need to learn to enjoy the bad times.  All times are an experience rather good and bad and they are valuable.  Don’t get caught up in the idea that you should hide from painful things.  Think on things every day and learn to rest.


The Eight of Swords in reverse shows that you have defeated problems in your past and you are ready to fight for your future.  When some things are negative, be positive and be aware that you are making it through tough struggles.  Life is not always easy, and you have to learn to be confident.


The number eight represents success and facing problems.  Everyone has trials and they help us to grow.  You will feel achieved and valued even in all of your problems.  A lot of eights in a reading mean that you will have a positive change inf your life.


  • Shy
  • Trapped
  • Unwilling


The element of the Eight of Swords is air.

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