Best Tarot Cards for Taurus

Best Tarot Cards for Taurus

Tarot cards have many meanings, and they are full of symbols and signs. The zodiac is connected with the tarot cards and so each sign will have different cards that resonate with them. The cards can be more compatible with one sign than another.

Taurus is also the bull, and this is someone that is loyal and dependable. They were born between April 20th and May 20th, and they are stable and secure. They love having nice things and to be comfortable. They are a fixed sign that is conceited with others but stubborn.

Here are some of the best tarot cards for the Taurus sign:

  • The Hierophant Card

This is a card that has a Greek word that means “high priest.” Sometimes this is also called The Pope card and it is a masculine card. It is shown with someone that has a crown that is three-tiered, and the person is holding a Divine Trinity cross. This symbolizes the mind. He also has a key at his feet with symbolizes the keys to heaven and the blessings that he can give. This card is seen as a spiritual teacher card and shows religion, education, and authority.

The Hierophant card works with the fixed sign of the Taurus because of its nature. The Taurus loves to have tradition but can be set in their own ways and not be open to other ideas.

This is the card in the Major Arcana group and is the fifth card which represents change, joy, and peace. The Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is sexual and loves material things. It is also part of the second house and that means it believes in good finances and self-wroth.

  • The Empress Card

This card is ruled by Venus just like the Taurus sign is. It is a grounded and feminine card that means fertility and peace. The Empress has a crown with 12 stars which represent the zodiac signs and the mystical world.

This is the third card in the Major Arcana set and it represents being social, expressing yourself and communicating. Taurus are creative and entertaining, and this is why the card fits. On top of that, they are also growth minded and feminine and they want to have abundance.

  • King of Pentacles Card

This card is a court card and is part of the Minor Arcana group. This is a card that is powerful and wealthy. This card shows stability and success and a mature energy. The card is faithful and reliable and since the King sits on a throne that is decorated by bulls, it shows the symbol of the Taurus.

He is a stubborn king, but he has a good heart and good intentions and even though he is materialistic and worldly, he is supportive of those that he loves just like the Taurus is.