Getting a Pet Tarot Card Reading

Pet Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards are used to give readings to people on their past, present, and future but they are also used to understand what pets are thinking and feeling. If you need to understand what your pet is going through, you might want to talk to a pet psychic that can give you a tarot card reading. Astrological readings need a birthdate in order to give a true reading and so it might be hard to have this for a pet.

Tarot cards don’t have to have a date and they can just feel the energies that are emitted by a person or a pet, even plants. When a pet is close to the psychic, doing a reading can be fun and exciting. They can even pick these up on the phone or online.

A tarot card reader should conduct a pet reading just like they would a regular tarot reading. They only difference between a person and a pet is how the interpretation happens.

Suits of Tarot Cards

Here are some of the different suits in the tarot cards:

  • Suit of Wands

This is a suit that is represented by walking sticks. This is a suit that means creativity and food. If you get this in a pet reading, it can mean that you have a pet that loves to eat. You might have to regulate their diet but if there is a lot of wands that come up in the reading, you might need to change the brand of food or give them a little bit more.

  • Suit of Pentacles

Pentacles are able to tell about what your pet thinks about. When an animal is possessive of their human, there are probably things that the pet might be thinking about such as the owner getting hurt. Some pets that get a reading think about their favorite toys or balls or their favorite food. Getting a lot of pentacles in a reading might mean that you need to play more with your pet or that they miss a toy that they no longer have.

  • Suit of Swords

Animals are smart beings, and they understand whatever they are told. If a lot of swords come up in a reading, the pet might need to communicate with you more. Give them direct verbal cues and make sounds with them. Talk to them and consider how you communicate with them when they are around you.

  • Suit of Cups

This suit is one that can talk about the sexual ideas or feelings of your pet. This might mean that your pet might be interested in a pet that is the opposite sex. This is normal for pets and if the cups show up a lot, you need to get your pet out and socialize more.

Court Cards

Here are what the court cards can mean in a reading:

  • Pages

This card can mean that you need to interact more with your animal.

  • Knights

Knights can mean that your pet is protected and that you will see that they are protective too of you and their territory. This can mean that they are going to be a little more aggressive.

  • Queens

When Queens show up, it can mean that your pets need more affection and attention. Spend more time with your pets.

  • Kings

This card is the highest of the court cards and it can mean that you have a pet that is happy, but they are also trying to be the boss of your home. Make sure that you are taking control of your pet and that you are showing them that you are the boss.

Major Arcana Cards

Tarot readers might take just the major arcana cards during a reading and read those cards by excluding the minor arcana set. If this is a reading for a pet, make sure that you try to understand your pets more.

The major arcana cards can also be about you as your pets owner. You might need to see if your personality is meshing with your pet or if there is some kind of opposition. Find out what the future holds for you and your pet by getting a pet tarot card reading.