Six of Wands

Six of Wands
Six of Wands

The sixth card in the suit of Wands is the Six of Wands.  This represents a positive sign and is about success.

The Six of Wands shows that you will have good news and success in your life. Success is always a good thing, but may require some work. Learn what this card means in each position as you read on.


The past of the Six of Wands shows that you have had good things happen to you in your childhood and in your past.  You have many good memories, so you learned not to get carried away because your life is great. Enjoy the positive memories you have from this time.


The present of the Six of Wands shows that you might have good news coming.  If you have worked towards something, relax now and know that success is on its way.  This doesn’t mean getting lazy but just paying attention and continuing to work hard. When success does come, do not let it overwhelm or change you, continue doing your best without going overboard and creating stress.


The future of the Six of Wands shows that you have to have an example and be an example for your future.  Use your memories to remember good things and to fight through obstacles that come now.  Nothing is blocking you in life.  This card can show that you will be successful, and you need to know what you want in the next few years and work towards that goal. The future is yours to take hold of, so make sure you know the end goal.


The work with the Six of Wands shows that you feel like you are in a job that is not good for you and that you have worked, but it hasn’t gone as you thought it would.  On the other side, if you are looking for a new job, this is a good card for you.  If you haven’t thought about a new job, now is the time to think about changing your career.  You might win an award, so you need to be happy about this; your effort will be noticed.


The love with the Six of Wands shows that you have a future and a past foundation.  If you are single, you will find someone that is attractive to you and will want to show you off, and you will want to show them off.  You have to find out who is right for you or have a lesson to be learned on your hands.  If you are searching for someone new, you will find them, and if you are in a relationship, a time will come when you are very proud of what they have done.  There is a positive love sign with this card, and there should be no problems in your love life. This is a positive card in love, so enjoy it when it appears in a reading.


The friendship of the Six of Wands shows that you will have old friends that start showing up.  This is a good thing, and they have probably changed.  It is easy to make friends while you are working or at school so don’t lose touch with people beyond this.  If you do, try to have a reunion. We can all change as we grow and mature, so give those old friends a chance to become friends once again.


The finances of the Six of Wands are a good thing, and you will see that money is coming to you.  You can claim it now, but you could have a long time ago.  Does someone owe you?  They will pay you soon so don’t worry about money for a while. If no one you know of owes you, look into refunds or overpayments for come back in the near future.


The health of the Six of Wands shows that you will have no serious things happen to you in the future so live happy and free.  People will be jealous of you because they are in a bad situation.  So be good to yourself and treat yourself to nice things sometimes. Ignore those who are jealous, but do not flaunt the extra or good things you are enjoying. Keep up with your healthy lifestyle or improve it to keep things running smoothly.


The spirituality of the Six of Wands shows you that you will face complicated things but staying single will help for a while Don’t let life get too complicated because simplicity is what you need at this time.  Don’t think about things too much and learn to follow what is best for you. You know what you need and what you can handle, so keep things in balance.


The reverse of the Six of Wands is when you learn not to let life affect you negatively.  This negative aspect can give you an ego boost and can bring you success.  If you have had the good fortune, you will have money to be able to help others.  Don’t brag about what you have, instead be modest in your life.

If you have experienced impostor syndrome and feel like you don’t deserve good things, you need to be happy that this card has come up.  If you feel that you don’t deserve it, just learn to share it with others.


The number six represents your balanced life and is known in the occult.  This can be a number that shows you are over the bad things that have happened, and you need to thank your numbers for this.  If you have a lot of sixes in your reading, you will get over a major event in your life and be ready to recover and heal.


  • Successful
  • Parading
  • Prideful
  • Victorious


The element of the Six of Wands is the fire element.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Make sure the question you have in mind or ask out loud is clear and you remain focused throughout the reading. Record the question and your cards to review at a later time if needed.


  1. The connection between the Six of Wands and numerology is quite fascinating. Understanding the significance of the number six adds an additional layer of depth to the interpretation of this card.

  2. The breakdown of the Six of Wands in different life areas, such as work, love, and health, is quite detailed. It gives a well-rounded understanding of how this card can manifest in different domains.

  3. I appreciate the balanced perspective on the Six of Wands. The explanations cover both positive and potential challenges, offering a nuanced interpretation that is beneficial for practical application.

  4. The explanation of the Six of Wands in its reverse position is particularly insightful. It addresses common issues like impostor syndrome and provides guidance on how to navigate such feelings.

  5. The detailed analysis of the Six of Wands is intriguing. It offers a comprehensive view of this card’s implications in various aspects of life, making it useful for both novices and experienced tarot readers.


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