Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

The tenth card in the Major Arcana is the Wheel of Fortune card.  This card is different than other cards and it takes someone that is educated to guess what it means.  There are no figures in this card just a drawing.  You can assume the card is about luck.

The Wheel of Fortune card shows about fate and having a destiny.  It can represent change.


The past in the Wheel of Fortune card can show that there is big change that will come to your life.  There are big changes like moving to a new area or having a new job.  Whatever the change is, other cards can help to interpret what the change will be.  This can be a part of violence.


The Wheel of Fortune represents that things are going to change and that you have felt alone for a while.  This can show that you can have a good change and this change can continue on.


The future of the Wheel of Fortune shows that you will have change in your life.  You will have a positive future and it can be something good to look forward to. This can be a good outcome for your life.


In work, the Wheel of Fortune card can mean that you will have a huge change.  If you have been bored, you are looking for a new life, career or relationship.


Love in the Wheel of Fortune is not a good thing.  This might be a good time to go for a relationship that you want to be in.  If you are interested in someone, go for them. Try things like dating and even if you are in a relationship that is rough, it won’t be major problems.


The friendship at this time can mean that you will meet new friends.  You will see that your friends are different, and you might want to have two different circles of friends.  It will be a choice if you want to make your circle bigger.


Drawing the Wheel of Fortune card is a good sign for money.  If you are having a hard time with finances, this can mean things are about to get better for you.  Be sensible with your money and do not spend it on foolish things.


Your health can have some change, but if you are sick, you will recover.  Be careful to be fit and to eat healthy.


The Wheel of Fortune will show you a sudden change.  You will see that religious literature can inspire you and can help you to create something in your life.  Be realistic and know how events happen.


If you do not have any control, you will need the universe to work for you.  Are you spending too much time working?  What you are going through right now can just be bad luck and you have to learn to deal with things that are negative.


  • Luck
  • Rewarding
  • Karma
  • Lottery
  • Money


The Wheel of Fortune element is fire.


The Wheel of Fortune is Jupiter.

Yes or No Question?

A definite yes! Keep in mind that Tarot readings are meant as guidance and an understanding of your present path. If something is not pleasing, then change your course and try a new reading.