Six of Swords

Six of Swords
Six of Swords

The sixth card in the suit of Swords is a positive card.  It is more positive than the other cards in the suit, and this can be a period of time that you are ready for change and that you are going to grow in life.

The Six of Swords means traveling and being responsible for some change.


The past with the Six of Swords can mean that you have had a period of time when you have had a conflict, but you could overcome it.  You also had had a time when you met someone who saved you from something.  You felt like you were stuck in life, but now things have improved.


The present position with the Six of Swords shows that you will have burdens that will leave you, but you must understand that problems are meant to help you grow and stop running from them.  You will continue to grow and see how far you have come. Take time to acknowledge and be respectful of this growth because it is meaningful.


The future with the Six of Swords shows that you will be able to overcome problems that you face in the future.  Of course, you will see issues, but you will be reassured as long as you keep pushing forward. Do not be afraid to face the challenges that will come. Some may be more difficult than others, but you have the ability to come out of the other side stronger and better.


Your work with the Six of Swords shows that you need to figure out what you want in life.  If you consider all of your potential paths, you will not lose your way and be sure of what you want.  The universe wants you to move on.  Other people you talk to will feel the same; ask them. This may mean a company change, a promotion within a company, or a total career change. It is time to start thinking about those possible changes.


The love with the Six of Swords shows that you are in a current relationship, and it will come to an end.  You need to find out from your partner if there is still a spark, and if there isn’t, you will know it is time to move on.  You should get a second opinion about this reading and take all views into account.  Don’t be rash in decision making, but learn to understand and be kind in all situations.  See how your partner feels and see if you can solve something to make it work out if there is still hope left.


The friendship position of the Six of Swords shows that you will need time to grow as yourself.  You need to choose your friends carefully, and you don’t need to have friends in your life if they are not healthy for you at this time.  Sometimes it is best to have no friends than to have bad friends.  If you are not enjoying your friends, you need to let them go.  Don’t be mad about it, and if they do something you can’t forgive, leave them to move toward a healthier self.


The finances of the Six of Swords show that you will have time to heal from bad money troubles.  If you have recently bought something big, don’t worry about it because you can handle the costs.  Likewise, if you are about to buy something, don’t worry about how much it costs.  Your money will adapt to you. This does not mean you should make rash purchasing decisions, but go forward on anything that was already in the works.


The health of the Six of Swords shows that you have the worst behind you.  If you have had emotional problems, they are going away.  Remember that you have to pay attention to your mind and not let things go that are bothering you.  When things feel bad, embrace those emotions and learn to understand them so you can heal.  If you involve yourself with things that cause you to incur stress, you will have stress.  Walk away from these things for activities that bring you peace.


The spirituality part of the Six of Swords shows that you need a change.  You are practicing religion but not living by it, and you need to talk to people and see how their religion is affecting their life.  If you feel that you are not on the right path, learn to set yourself free. If your religion is not feeding you spiritually, you may need a change in scenery or a change in your belief system.


The reverse of the Six of Swords shows that you might feel stuck from the past because you hold on to emotional baggage that does not let you heal.  You are resisting the universe because of fear, and you cannot see that you have a bright future.  Learn to understand that life keeps moving, and your wounds will heal in time.  You need to help yourself deal with things that will heal you.  Stop disrespecting what you have gone through and learn to move on in healthy ways.


The number six is always a number of balance and part of the occult.  This number shows you can overcome things as long as you take action.  Get rid of the internal conflict that you have, and if you have a lot of sixes in your reading, you will overcome a major event in your life and be in recovery.


  • Traveling
  • Changing
  • Growing


The element of the Six of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Make sure the question you have in mind or ask out loud is clear and you remain focused throughout the reading. Record the question and your cards to review at a later time if needed.