Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is the second card in the suit of Pentacles and means understanding and study.  It also can mean balance where two halves will make a whole.  This can be a good and bad or a male or female.  This is a positive card and shows us balance in our lives.

The Two of Pentacles can mean balance, partnership and possessions.


The past of the Two of Pentacles shows that you were in a place of constant change.  You moved different times and it changed who you were.  You try to think on positive things and get rid of bad habits.  You have made a choice between two major things in your life and you have chosen one and are facing the consequences now.


The present of the Two of Pentacles shows that you are balancing work and play in your life and that you are seeing good and bad.  You have to have balance and make sure that you are not getting stuck in life.  You have to be selfish sometimes and worry about you.  Look for a choice that you will have to make between two things.  It can change your life forever.  There are going to be a lot of points to consider for each path and neither choice is good or bad just different.


The future of the Two of Pentacles shows that you have to have a balance if you want to have a good life.  You have to look at your problems and imagine how you will be in a few years down the road.  Remember to grow and to live your life how you want to live it.  Most people do not follow their plans but you need to dedicate yourself so you can have a happy life.


The work according to the Two of Pentacles shows that you are focusing on things, but you need to focus on less and do those things well.  Have priorities in your life and work within yourself so that you can get things done.  Don’t take on volunteering right now and complete the responsibilities that you have and then try to help others later.


The love of the Two of Pentacles shows that you have a relationship that lacks and is not a priority for you.  Do you spend enough time together and are you growing apart from each other?  Think about this and let your gut feeling correct you.  If you are single, you need to work out your life and figure out how you are going to fit a relationship into what is going on with you now.  The past can leave you feeling negative about your future relationship choices but remember that not all people are the same.  If you had loved someone in the past, they would affect how you feel now but do not put their personality on someone else.  Meet new people and expect new things out of it.


The friendship aspect of the Two of Pentacles sows that things are okay with your friends.  They could support you more, but all relationships go through times where you feel that you are not getting enough support.  Make sure you r relationship is not one sided and if it is, find new friends.


The financial part of the Two of Pentacles shows that you will have balance in your life.  Even if things are hard right now, become adaptable and stop buying things that you can make at home.  This means meals too and you can cook your own meals and food.  This will help you.  Don’t be lazy and if you have a lot of money saved, help out someone in your family that is in need, they will appreciate you for it.


The health and the Two of Pentacles shows that you will have a balance of the foods you need and the workouts you need.  You need to take in sugar sensibly and stop being stressed and learn to relax.  Change things you don’t like about our body with established means.


The spiritual part of the Two of Pentacles shows that you need to help others out.  You can help others get over stress by being reasonable and talking to them.  Give them good advice.


The Two of Pentacles in reverse shows that you need to find ways to fix your life.  You have too much going on in your life and this isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t right for you right now.  Take on a balance and stop doing so much.


The number two represents partnership.  This can be a way that you reflect on your life and are balanced.  If you have a lot of twos in your reading, it can mean that things are okay even though they could be better.  Remember, they could be worse too.  Make sure you are balancing life and work and that you are not spending too much energy on one thing.


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The element of the Two of Pentacles is the earth.

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