The Suit of Swords
The Suit of Swords

Swords Tarot Cards Meanings

The Suit of Swords is one that helps to tell thoughts and personal things.  The Swords are there to look deep into the mind and the element of the Swords is the element air.  These cards can remind you of what you have done and the fears and challenges that were seen in order to reach goals.

These are cards that are mainly represented in the Swords suit.  These cards can be associated with conflict and not all people are able to reach their goals or what they are working towards.  The Swords also represent personal intellect and how you are able to logically see things instead of how the emotions control you.

Suit of Swords

There are many cards that are found in the suit of Swords including:

  • Ace of Swords
  • Two of Swords
  • Three of Swords
  • Four of Swords
  • Five of Swords
  • Six of Swords
  • Seven of Swords
  • Eight of Swords
  • Nine of Swords
  • Ten of Swords
  • Page of Swords
  • Knight of Swords
  • Queen of Swords
  • King of Swords

Ace of Swords

The first card in the Suit of Swords card is the Ace of Swords.  This means a new start in life and aces always will mean a new beginning.  The sword can bring about change without there being a warning.  Aces most of the time represent a new goal or idea.  You might see yourself coming out in life.

The Ace of Swords shows achieving things and being victorious.

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords card is the second card that is found in the Suit of Swords.  This card means balance and where two halves will equal a whole one.  There can be two halves meaning a male or female or meaning something good or something bad.  This card is balanced but is not always about an action.  Focus on your own information.

The Two of Swords card shows decisions being made and knowing what options you have.

Three of Swords

The third card of the suit of Swords is the Three of Swords card.  This card is not a fully positive or a fully negative card.  This can be a bad card when it comes to love

The Three of Swords represents being depressed or losing someone.

Four of Swords

The Four of Swords card is the fourth card in the suit of Swords.  This card shows a knight and a tomb and three different swords on the wall.

The Four of Swords can represent getting rid of your problems and learning to be alone in life.

Five of Swords

The fifth card in the suit of Swords is the Five of Swords. This card is one that you should prepare for if you draw.  This card can mean conflict and can take you into a time where hard things will happen.  This will not be something scary, but it will be hard.  Don’t worry about things.

The Five of Swords means loss and being in some type of conflict.

Six of Swords

The sixth card in the suit of Swords is a positive card.  It is more positive than the other cards in the suit and this can be a period of time that you are ready for change and that you are going to grow in life.

The Six of Swards means traveling and being responsible for some change.

Seven of Swords

The seventh card in the suit of Swords is the Seven of Swords.  This card symbolizes all possibilities.  Do not jump into conclusions with your life.

The Seven of Swords represents someone stealing and being deceptive.

Eight of Swords

The eighth card in the suit of Swords is the Eight of Swords.  This card shows a scary scene of a woman that is blindfolded and surrounded by swords.  She doesn’t know what to do but not doing anything is a bad choice.  There will be a way out, but it will not be painful.

The Eight of Swords represents being stuck and being frustrated in life and trying to win obstacles that are impossible.

Nine of Swords

The ninth card in the suit of Swords card is the Nine of Swords.  This is a negative card and shows someone waking up from a nightmare and having grief and sadness.  The nine of swords are on the wall beside his bed and he has a quilt that has red roses and zodiac symbols on it.  This is seen as a bad card, but you have to interpret it by taking the whole reading into account.

The Nine of Swords card shows grief and fear.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is the tenth card in the suit of Swords.  This card is not very positive.  It shows a man that is on the ground and has ten swords in his back.  This card is seen as destructive and dark, but you have to consider the whole reading in order to interpret it.

The Ten of Swords shows failure and being hopeless.

Page of Swords

The eleventh card of the suit of Swords is the Page of Swords.  This card is very positive and has energy behind it.  This can stand for a real person that comes into your lives and might even be younger than you.

The Page of Swords represents being restless and trying to hard to make things happen.

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is the twelfth card in the suit of Swords.  This card is a positive card especially when it looks at the other cards in the deck.  This card can help you to expect better things to come.  You might have better news for a younger male that you know.  Expect to get good news.

The Knight of Swords represents logical thinking and being ruthless.

Queen of Swords

The thirteenth card is the Queen of Swords and this card will represent someone who is in your life.  This person is most likely a woman that is mature and gets mad fast.  You might know who that is.

The Queen of Swords represents maternal energy, independence and having good gut feelings.

King of Swords

The last card in the suit of Swords is the King of Swords.  This card shows seriousness and can represent a strong male that is in your life.  This is someone that has authority over you.

The King of Swords represents making a decision and being authoritative.

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