The fourteenth card in the Major Arcana is the Temperance card.  This card shows an angel like figure that has a crown and is surrounded by the sun.  This card means that you will stop drinking.  This means that you will have abstinence in something.  This also represents being balanced and being everywhere.

The temperance card shows self-control and balance.


The past part of the Temperance card is that you have lived a life that has no stress.  You have a good foundation and whatever you are interested in you go for.  You had a past that was tragic and it caused you to have growth.


In the present, the Temperance card means that you learn to moderate things.  You do not work too much or do things that are too much in your life.  You have a balance about you.


The future of the Temperance card means that you will take time to make sure you do things that work out in the future.


The Temperance card means that you will have a balance between work and life.  You will not work too hard or work too little.  You will spend time with your family and see that work does not rule your life.


Love with the Temperance is also balanced.  You will have a relationship that is both good and toxic.  You will see that you need to be alone sometimes.


The Temperance shows that you will spend more time around people that are like-minded.  You will not neglect your people and you will spend more time with them.


With your finances, the Temperance card wills how you that you will not be in debt forever.  You will have things come that are not of surprised.  Don’t expect ot win the lottery.  It is a good time to balance your finances and cut out unneeded expenses.


You will have your body take things in mentally and physically and you need to reflect on yourself more.


With the Temperance card, you will think about who you are and reflect on yourself.  You will take time to sit and think about things and let your mind wonder.


If you have imbalances in your life, you need to fix them.  You need to face things in the real world and understand that things change, and times change.  Do not overlook your problems with addiction of food or alcohol or drugs.  Help others and stop hurting yourself.


  • Pure
  • Abstinence
  • Harmony


The Temperance card is associated with the fire element.


The Temperance sign is Sagittarius

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