Importance of Tarot Card Numbers

Tarot Card Numbers

There are numbers that work with the Tarot cards, and they can be significant with the zodiac signs. Numbers in the tarot are not as strong as the Major Arcana, the four suits or even the court cards but it can be hard to pick up on themes without these numbers. When you want to get answers on things, pay attention to the numbers.

Minor Arcana Numbers

The numbers that are in the Minor Arcana will make your reading more powerful. Each number will have a definition that works with each suit. The 1’s for example, can mean having a new idea or starting new.

The numbers of the Minor Arcana will relate to the zodiac signs. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 work with the zodiac signs:

  • Aries.
  • Cancer.
  • Libra.
  • Capricorn.

These represent the different seasons that you are in your life. The numbers 5, 6 and 7 work with these zodiac signs:

  • Taurus.
  • Leo.
  • Aquarius.
  • Scorpio.

These mean stability and represent the season that you are in. The numbers 8, 9 and 10 work with the zodiac signs:

  • Gemini.
  • Virgo.
  • Sagittarius.
  • Pisces.

These can mean being able to adapt in the season that you are n with your life. The Ace cards can mean power in your elements and can mean that you are spiritual and strong.

Repeating Numbers

Repeating numbers aren’t just numbers, and they are something bigger. Numbers come in different forms and sequences, and they are more than just coincidences. When you wonder what repeating numbers mean, you can find that they have different meanings. Some are angel numbers and each of them are significant.

Numbers that are in sequence will be numbers that get your attention, and they are spiritual. If you have seen numbers that repeat themselves or in sequence, then you need to realize that these numbers have important meanings for your life and for the tarot cards. Once you understand the meaning of the numbers you will see how important they are in your life.

Odd and Even Numbers

Odd numbers are meant to have masculine energies and are considered to be active numbers. Even numbers have feminine energy, and they are odd numbers. 

The numbers can mean that its time to take action or to do something different in your life. When you are using these numbers or see them in a reading its important to learn and understand them.

What Do Numbers Mean?

Tarot numbers are important, and you need to look up the meanings of them and how they work in your life. There are different cards that have different numbers.

  • Number 1

The Ace of cards in tarot represent the number 1. This means new beginnings and new ideas. When you need to plan things, this is the number to look for. This number can make ideas come together or can bring about positive changes in your life.

  • Number 2

The Two’s in tarot are the choices that you have. This can mean that you need to balance things in your life. When something comes up, you have to pick a choice in which direction that you want to go in.

You have control of the decisions that you make but you have to listen o the messages and make the decisions that you are confident in.

  • Number 3

Three’s in tarot mean both the 1’s and 2’s together. They are a cycle in your life that makes up a bigger picture. When there are different people in your life, they are bringing influence and the three in a reading can mean that you are good at communicating, you have goals, and you have friends. 

This can also mean that you aren’t organized and that you are confused about something going on in your life. It can also mean that people are misleading you.

  • Number 4

In tarot, the number 4 means that you can manifest things. It means that if you have started projects that they are coming together and that you are stable and laying foundations. This can also mean that you are planting roots.

Seeing a lot of 4’s in a reading can mean that you are manifesting and growing. It can also be negative and mean that you are upset or disappointed in situations in your life.

  • Number 5

The number 5 in tarot can mean that you aren’t able to control your feelings and you are not stable. It can mean that there is anger, loss, sadness, stress, or other challenges that you are facing in your life.

When you see a lot of 5’s in a reading, it can mean that you are confident and that you are dealing with things that are hard. This can be mental illness, sickness, or something phyiscal. This can also mean that you are able to connect with your spiritual being.

  • Number 6

Sixes are numbers that can mean balance and family. This is a number that is compassionate and can solve conflicts. This number can mean that you need to get over problems and have more power in your life.

Having more than one 6 in a reading can mean that you need to get past a conflict and have a solution and many sixes can mean that you are comfortable and secure.

  • Number 7

Sevens in a tarot reading mean that you have strong intuition and that you need to have some kind of alone time. This can also mean that you need to step back and see what you need. This is a spiritual number and can expose hidden things. This number can also mean you are hopeless, and you need to be honest with yourself.

  • Number 8

Eights in a tarot card reading mean energy and power. They can bring luck to your life. If you need abundance and are manifesting things, chances are that you will see this number. This number can also mean that you need to figure out your goals and that you are becoming enlightened.

  • Number 9

Nines in a reading can mean that you are wanting to do something new. It can show that you are stable and that you are in a situation that you will make it through fast. It can also mean that you haven’t decided what direction to take in your life and you are not certain of what to do next.

  • Number 10

This number can mean that you have come to the same place that you started. It can mean that you are in a cycle that will come to an end, but the new beginning will be coming soon.

Having many 10’s in a reading can mean that you have a hard time letting go of your past and you need to move forward.

Count Cards

Count cards of the King, Queens, Knights and Pages are found in decks. Some will have Princesses and Princes instead of the Knights and Pages. These cards are literal and will represent a particular thing that you ask. 

Some court cards can symbolize something big in your life and they have a message that is spiritual for you and that can be considered long term.

Final Thoughts

When you look at a tarot card, notice how important and significant the number of the card is. The court cards, the Major Arcana cards and the suits are often the only things looked at, but each number has a significant spot in the reading.

Each number will help you to understand your reading even more and as you learn the meaning of the tarot cards you will see that the numbers aren’t as mysterious as you thought.