King of Wands

King of Wands
King of Wands

The King of Wands card is a card that should be taken very seriously.  The King represents a male in your life that will influence you and someone that has met their goals.  You might find this person inspiring and you will achieve the things you have set yourself up for through hard work.  Be ready to help other people with their goals and let the male that is powerful help you.

The King of Wands means being in authority and being honest. Do not fear receiving this card


The past of the King of Wands shows that even though you were cautious about what you thought, you acted more on what you did than you should have.  You have ideas coming together, and you are using skills to create your goals.  You will be a leader, be full of knowledge, and have a lot of experiences in your life.


The present in the King of Wands shows that you will work hard in the things that for which you want to succeed.  You will be able to do anything you want as long as you decide not to give up.  So take your knowledge and experience and work towards being a good leader.


The King of Wands shows that you will have a strong career in the future.  You will be happy with what you are doing, and you will work hard and make a lot of money.  Of course, you will have to take risks in life, but you will learn to be prepared and help others reach their goals when you think about your past.  You will help many people in your life.  So put your health and the health of others in front, and don’t lose sight of what you want in your life.


With work and the King of Wands, it will show you that you will meet someone who is experienced, and you will learn from them, most likely a man older than you.  You will do your job better, but you still have to have a good foundation.  Talk to someone in your free time and make contacts for the future.  Listen to what they say and reflect on their personality.  Learn things your own way.


In love with the King of Wands, it shows you that you will have mutual feelings with someone.  As a result, you will become more mature and learn from your connections. If you are single and looking, you will find someone you work with who knows about you.  They will seem right for you, which is a good sign for you. Pursue this connection as it will likely work out.


The friendship of the King of Wands shows that things are going well, and you need to make some older friends now.  Join a club where older people go so that you can get advice from them.  Don’t listen to them if they are just showing off. Seek out events or organizations that are made up of mature people who you are able to connect with on some level.


The finances of the King of Wands show that you will start your own business, and you have different ideas on how to show your skills off.  Get people that have skills to help and invest in them.  An investment is a good idea and can bring growth in the future.


The health of the King of Wands shows that you are mature in your life, and you know what has to be done for your health.  Eat well and exercise; you know what to avoid.  Put these things to practice and be a good role model for others.  Think of someone that you feel is having the best life and work towards that, with them as a mentor if possible.  Speak to a doctor if you aren’t feeling well to find the cause and correct any issues.


Your spirituality with regards to the King of Wands shows that you are mature, and you know what you want in your life.  You work hard and have things come the way you want them to as you seek them out.  Are you doing things because you have to or because you want to? Knowing the difference is important.


In reverse, the King of Wands shows that there are bad leaders everywhere, and you will find them in your friends, family, and even the workplace.  The King of Wands can represent the energy of a person in charge of others but cannot handle the responsibility of being a leader.  This might be you, but it can be someone else.   Maybe you got promoted to a job that you are not able to do.  Maybe you are losing control of your life, and you feel that things are falling apart.  If you are having problems, you have to get someone to help you.  Again, it can be anyone, your friends, or your family if they are mature enough to offer good advice.  Even someone professional can help you, but you will be the main person in the story of your life, so get the support you need.


  • Father
  • Leader
  • Vision


The element of the King of Wands is fire.

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