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The Science Behind Major Arcana Cards

       Do you know that asides from their traditional divinatory interpretations, the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards are an absolute gold mine of psychological insight and wisdom? Psychology pioneer Carl Jung thought so. The belief is that when a card from the Major Arcana appears in a reading it …

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Angel Cards, A Guide To Living A Good Life

Sometimes, we need that extra guidance to make sure that we are walking the right path to life so we won’t stumble in the wrong place.  Luckily, there are many ways for you to receive messages about your most pressing questions from the spiritual world. Even if you are familiar …

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I Am Not A Psychic, Can I Read Tarot Cards?

    Have you  had an awesome  Tarot reading and thinking if you could ever use this amazing tool  yourself? Plenty of my clients have expressed the desire to read cards, and, in the same breath, said, “But I’m not psychic, so I guess I can’t.” This isn’t true! If you have the patience and …

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Speed Up Your Career Through Tarot Card Reading

         Are you feeling stagnant when it comes to your career? Are you still happy with what you do at your job? Does your job fulfill your dreams? Are you struggling to overcome barriers to your job growth and success? Psychics rely on intuition and access vital …

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Tarot Card That Says “IT IS OVER”

     Hard to believe but removing all the bitterness aside there are relationships that are strong, healthy and nourishing for the soul. Others… they are as vulnerable as a house of cards. Certain Tarot cards, when appearing in a romance reading, could indicate that there are problems in your …

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Reverse Tarot Card Can Do You Good

   I grew up with psychics and cards everywhere… Grandma would sit in the tea room smoking like a chimney. She sat at a coffee table and at the opposite end was someone else, usually a stranger who had read Grandma’s newspaper ad or heard about her from a friend.   Many …

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