How to Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

Cleansing a Tarot deck is not something everyone chooses to do, but it does serve an important purpose and allows for more effective readings.  If you have a new deck, especially one that was purchased used or given to you, cleansing is important. A brand new deck can use cleansing as well because it picks up energy from all who are around and especially of those who have handled the deck. After you have chosen your deck or if you have been using your deck, try the following to cleanse the desk.

Sorting and Shuffling

Begin the cleansing by sorting your cards in order. Begin with the Major Arcana and then sort by suits in the Minor Arcana Tarot deck is an important tool. Learn how to cleanse your deck after using it or to cleanse a new deck before getting started. As you start sorting, look briefly at each card and remember the special message that the card offers during a reading. You may also wish to take this time to check that every card is present in your deck. Sometimes cards get lost or misplaced, so this is a check you may wish to do often.


Meditation is an important part of the cleansing process. Many people choose to meditate for relaxation, but this is a different form of meditation focused on the cards. To practice this form of meditation, hold your cards in both hands, close your eyes, and relax. Try some deep cleaning breaths as you relax your body and mind. Allow your mind to be free of any thoughts and simply “be” with your cards. After a bit of time, determined at your discretion, allow yourself to visualize the Universal energy being drawn through you and your cards as your cards are surrounded by a protective white light.

Moon Bath

Another option is a moon bath. The full moon is an excellent source of energy for your cards. On the full moon, place your cards in a window or outside if the weather is nice, and allow them to bathe in the moonlight. Some people may use this time to hold a special ritual or to recite a choice of invocations used for cleaning Tarot cards. This is up to each Tarot user to decide.

Salt Burial

One other option is to keep your cards buried in salt for a few days to a week before taking them out and disposing of the salt away from your cards and home. Salt is effective in drawing out negative energy from your cards, just as salt is often used to draw moisture out of food. Cleansing your cards of negative energy gained during readings is important so your readings are as accurate as possible.


Tarot reading is fun and can offer guidance we all need in life, but just as taking care of other tools, we must properly care for our decks. Choose the method that works best for you and make sure your cards are well cared for before use. Though decks do not necessarily need cleansed after every use, it is a good idea to cleanse them regularly and after a negative interaction or reading to make sure the bad energy does not get stuck to the cards.