How Does the 7 of Spades Fix Your Life?

7 of Spades

Numerology is the study of numbers and how the numbers affect your life. The number 7 is one that is a spiritual number. It means that you are more connected to the spiritual world than the physical world and you are a higher-minded person. Most of the time, you can use your intuition in ways to get what you want. You will also see that your intuition is correct and the fantasies that you have will help you to make good decisions.

When talking about the number seven, you will see that you can express your feelings and you can understand who you are more. When looking at cartomancy, the suit of spades is a simple suit. This is a suit that means that you understand communication and you understand knowledge. When you need to express your feelings, you need to learn how to do that and to be upfront with people.

The spades number 7 is one that is similar to the 7 of the swords suit in tarot cards. This card though shows that bad advice is given to other people sometimes and it can give you advice in order to help others, that is good. You can use your own interpretation, and this can help people to make it through their problems. You need to make sure that the decisions that you make have no bias and that they can move you to good things in your life.

What Else Does the 7 of Spades Mean?

Another thing that the 7 of spades can mean in a relationship is that someone has had a loss. It can mean someone is grieving in a relationship and that they have real heartbreak. When you want to date someone and you see this card, make sure that you go slow and that you watch how you express others.

Don’t say things that you have to say that can be hurtful and always be kind in the way that you speak to others. Make sure that you have boundaries, and you are compassionate to what you say to others.

Also, make sure that you are being kind to yourself. Don’t talk badly to yourself and make sure that you aren’t living negatively and having negative self-talk all the time. Use words that are positive and positive affirmations to lift yourself up.

7 of Spades and Addiction

Some interpret the 7 of spades as a card of addiction. This can be something that you are addicted to like food, drugs, or alcohol. Once you face this, you can see that this card leads you down a path where you shouldn’t express yourself unless you are being truthful.

Just like with other addictions, you need to admit that you have a problem. This is hard but you can do this so that you can get past the lies, and you can deal with your grief. One of the hardest things to do in life is to have to face what has happened in your life and to face the things that you mess up in. Once you do this, you can reach your greatest potential.

Be honest with who you are and when you are honest with yourself you will see that you can be happy. Change is always there, if you need it, you just have to take the card as a real thing and use it to help you live your life better.

Final Thoughts

Use cartomancy in order to be able to get a reading that can help you through your relationship and your life.