Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands
Nine of Wands

The ninth card in the Suit of Wands is the Nine of Wands card.  This card means a positive reading, but there are exceptions to this, so you must be cautious with this card.

The Nine of Wands represents being strong inside, believing in things, and being cautious in what you do. Even the best of cards can have slightly negative undertones, so pay attention to the specifics, but also the overall reading.


The past with the Nine of Wands card shows that you are in a place where you were required to put in a lot of effort, and you came out on top even though you had rough patches.  This shows that you were afraid at first, but you pushed through and realized that there was nothing to fear.  You were able to get rid of this fear. This is a good trait to have in life.


The Nine of Wands card shows you that you have a steady life even though you have faced hardships before.  You will have another challenge in your future, and you will recover if you decide to tackle it.  You should tackle it because it will bring you to a place where you can enjoy the things that you worked for to that point.  If you feel spontaneous, now is the time to pack up your life and find new things to explore.  Even if you feel scared, fear is only there because you don’t know what you will see. This exploration can turn out to be greatly enjoyable.


The Nine of Wands card shows that the future can bring you things you don’t know of and don’t expect.  You cannot predict how things will go, but you have to deal with these things.  So don’t live your life closed up or in a bubble.


The Nine of Wands, regarding your work, shows that you will have conflict.  You will not get along well with others, and you will have to take time and make it through this.  You will have problems with people, but they will pass.  This will be a hard time, and there will be bumps in the road, but you have to press on.


The love of the Nine of Wands will show that you are committed but want to be single.  You will blow things out of proportion and start fights.  The Nine of Wands card is not a good card in this position, and you need space and time away from your partner.  Don’t stop having a relationship because of small fights, but if you don’t want to be in the relationship because of bigger issues, you need to make a good choice for both of you.


Your friendship with the Nine of Wands shows that you will have friends that will come out of their shells, and you should too.  Stop acting differently when you are around people and break down your barriers.  You cannot protect yourself from true friends, and if you need to protect yourself, they probably aren’t your friend. Find those that allow you to be your true self and that will allow their true self to shine.


The health of the Nine of Wands shows that you have been worrying a lot, and you need to stop being anxious.  Find someone to talk to and let them help you.  We cannot control everything, so why worry?  Just try to change things in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.


The spirituality of the Nine of Wands represents that you have a good life, and you do not need to be deep in matters of the Spirit.  However, if you have time, you should always think about how blessed you are, and you should not be negative about how things are working out.


The Nine of Wands in reverse shows that you are isolating yourself, and you are paranoid of many different things.  You are afraid of things in your life, and this can even be fear that things are going well in your life.  You might be used to bad things happening to you, and sometimes, it can be hard to accept when there is peace.  So don’t try to build up drama instead, avoid it. Be open and social, accepting that things can be good.


The number nine is a symbol of resolution and completing something.  This may show how you are feeling in the present and that there are places and paths that you will have to choose where you will go.  You will have to put effort into your life.  Life has been at a standstill for too long, and you need change.  If you have a lot of nines in your reading, it can mean that you are beginning a new cycle.


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The element of the Nine of Wands card is fire.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is not sure, and this question cannot be answered with a yes or a no. This can be confusing, but be open to waiting and asking deeper questions for another reading.