Two of Swords

Two of Swords
Two of Swords

The Two of Swords card is the second card that is found in the Suit of Swords.  This card means balance and where two halves will equal a whole one.  There can be two halves meaning a male or female or meaning something good or something bad.  This card is balanced but is not always about an action.  Focus on your own information.

The Two of Swords card shows decisions being made and knowing what options you have.


The past of the Two of Swords shows that you have had a period of your life where you were stuck.  You kept putting things off and could not make good decisions.  You have to be aware of what you do and sometimes not doing anything is a good choice, but don’t avoid everything.


In the present, the Two of Swords card will show you that you have to stop putting things off and just do them.  You need to look at your options for eternity but you will not regret things if you try to do them, even if you fail,  It is a good experience and bad experience but all of it is a learning experience.  Wouldn’t you rather have experiences than being afraid of life?


The future of the Two of Swords card shows that you are in a state where you are working through a tough decision.  You will have something that you have to do in your life, or you will not be able to take care of it.  You have the option to spend your entire life thinking about things or learning to take time to make them happen.  Go on your journey and take control of your life.


In your work with the Two of Swords, you will see that you have to take control of things and make a decision that will affect your future.  Be clear about what happens in life and don’t be distracted.  Bring up things that have bugged you and don’t hide your emotions, clear your psyche.


In love with the Two of Swords, you will find that you will have a balance in life.  You will have a better partnership.  If you are single, you might want to make this a choice and see it as something good.  You probably know that you have made the right choice and you are just trying to have fun in the moment.


In your friendships with the Two of Swords, you will find that things are going good and you have energy and bonding with these people  The worse thing that can happen is that you stop giving them your time.  Don’t over think things and come clean with your friends.  You need them.


In your finances, you will see things are balanced.  See how things are going and coming. Don’t buy things that you can make, and this means food.  Prepare your own food and stop being lazy.  Don’t buy things because you are spending too much on this stuff and you need to make better decisions.


Your health with the Two of Swords shows that you are feeling good.  If you start to feel bad, go to the doctor immediately.  Get a second opinion if you are stressed about your health.  Face your fears sooner than later regarding your health.


The spirituality of the Two of Swords shows that you will be good to help other people.  Help others to be better and be impartial and a voice of reason to them.  Give good advice and find others that are in need and help them.  They are hiding their pain.


The Two of Swords in reverse shows that things are not simple, but you will win.  Keep fighting.  This doesn’t mean with a person and might be a path or a decision.  The longer you wait for it, the more it will cause you pain and agony.  Pick an option that will give you the least hurt and give yourself time to recover from it.


Two shows that you are balanced, and you are always looking to be better.  If you want to improve, there are ways and you have to just do it instead of putting it off.  Someone else is looking for help and you need to take time to help them.  Keep your eyes open and see who comes to you for help.  If you have a lot of twos in your reading, it can mean that life is going to be okay.  Things could be much worse.


  • Trusting
  • Problems
  • Deceit


The element of the Two of Swords is air.

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