King of Swords

King of Swords
King of Swords

The last card in the suit of Swords is the King of Swords.  This card shows seriousness and can represent a strong male that is in your life.  This is someone that has authority over you.

The King of Swords represents making a decision and being authoritative. The masculine overtones are nothing to be concerned about, but should be taken seriously.


The past position of the King of Swords shows that you were more mature for your age and had a lot of responsibility.  You were considered a go-to person, and you were different than you are now.  You had some power, and you were dedicated.  This can represent your father, who was probably strict and gave you a tough childhood.  Be thankful for that because it helps you to achieve your goals.


The present position of the King of Swords shows that you are in a position where you have a father figure in your life.  This person will be a strong leader to you.  You need to take heed in what they say to you and follow what they tell you to do.  Find someone that has a lot of experience that will lead you right.  You might feel that you are better than others but make yourself better than this.  Expertise means that you have interests and focus, and you need to aim for that.


The future of the King of Swords shows that you are fully in life, and you are happy and will work hard to get what you want.  You will earn things, but it won’t be about money, more reaching your goals.  Someone will make serious decisions based on honesty, and you will be determined to reach each thing that comes to you.


Your work with the King of Swords shows that you will need to look to someone with more experience than you, probably an older man, and they will have authority in the necessary area.  Do not be afraid of them and take advice from them.  Other people want to climb the ladder, so make sure that you are with someone who can help you out.  If you are working together, talk to this person and build up a relationship so that they can know you personally.  Make contact with the right people so they can help you in the future.


Your love for the King of Swords shows that you will be on a new level in your relationship.  This is a good sign when you want to find love.  You will have the male energy that is needed.  If you are a male; think of manliness, and if you are a female, look for a man that will have good traits as a partner for you. You know what you need to complete yourself, so look for those qualities.


The friendship of the King of Swords shows that things will be well, and you will want to make sure that you make good choices.  If your friends like your choices, let them do it with you.  Follow them where they go. If your friends oppose your choices, stick with the path you have chosen for yourself if you feel it is right.


The finances of the King of Swords show that you will spend carefully.  Do not do wasteful things and spend frivolously.  Let yourself grow.  Do not put off things today or until tomorrow but tackle any money issues you have immediately.


The health of the King of Swords shows that you will be concerned with your body.  Do what is right with exercise and eating right.  Practice doing good things and be a good role model for others that want to be better in life.  Show your willpower in healthy endeavors and give others the power to do better as well.


The King of Swords will show you that you are concerned with your spiritual being.  Mature people will make fun of your religion but take charge and stand your ground.  Don’t worry about what people believe because if it works for you, then you should keep reaching for it.  Be mindful of your real life.  You are an animal.


The reverse of the King of Swords will mean that you will be someone that is pushy and harsh.  Anyone who judges you will face your punishment.  You will feel that people rub you the wrong way.  Maybe you aren’t living up to what you are supposed to do, and you need to stop being so forceful.  Let people grow on their own and don’t hold people back.  Do things on your own and watch out for there to be lies and deceit.  This can be gossip or rumors that are created to spread lies about you. This may not apply to every situation, but keep your anger in check and approach things carefully.


  • Commanding
  • Authority
  • Disciplining


The element of the King of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. You know what question you asked, so know the answer is affirmative.