Three of Cups

Three of Cups
Three of Cups

The third card in the Suit of Cups is the Three of Cups card.  This represents a sky and a bountiful meal.  This represents celebration and is a good card to draw in any situation. Think about this in terms of a community or family dinner with everyone together, laughing, having fun, and enjoying.

The Three of Cups is all about community and having positive reunions.


The past with the Three of Cups card is a time when you have everything you need.  This is a time that you will be paying things off.  You put in extra work and reach your goals because you have people who admire you.  You have helped people in your past, and they will help you by giving you kindness and taking care of you.  You will get paid back for things that you have done in the past, and today will be good for your future.


The present with the Three of Cups can mean that you finished a great thing, and this was a project or something personal to you that you put a lot of time and effort into.  This can also be that you worked all year to make something grow or to work on something, and now the seeds you sowed will begin to grow and pay you back.


The future with the Three of Cups will allow you to look forward and see new things all the time.  You will have both work and rest, and you will have a balance.  You might meet people from your past and have a special reunion with someone.  You will be connecting with people from the past and making new connections.


The Three of Cups card shows that you will have a project or a work that you will dedicate yourself to for a length of time.  You want to get things done, and your hard work will pay off in the long run. The project may be something big or small, but it will hold importance to you in some way.


In love, the Three of Cups is a good sign.  The problem is that it can mean birth as well, but that can be good for you and a partner if that was the goal.  So if you want to have a baby, this is a good card.  It can show growth and newness in your life.


The Three of Cups is where you might meet new friends.  You might see new friends and friends from your past.  You will treat people you meet as new and forgive them for the things they did to you in the past. Stay open to meeting new people and reconnecting with the old ones from the past.


Regarding your money, you will get more than you are used to having, but you must not waste it.  You have to save it for when times are hard, and you will then depend on it.  Therefore, live comfortably but not above your means.


You will be strong in your mind and your body, you will work with others, and it will be good.  You need to work out, eat healthily, and be in good health for the upcoming years. Good health is important for quality of life.


With the Three of Cups, your spiritual being is a good thing for you.  You will have a community, and you will change how you see things.  You will be giving and kind to others, and you will see that you want to be close to others.


In reverse, the Three Cups will mean that you tried something in your past, but you failed at it.  You have failed even more than other people have and lost a lot of connections that you used to have.  This doesn’t mean that the world is ending, don’t dwell on those experiences and learn to love them and learn from them. Failures teach us new things.


The Three of Cups represents the number 3.  This means three dimensions, creativity, or things such as birth, life, and death.  For example, you may be in a cycle that is ending, and you might see that you are having something great happen to you that you will always remember.


  • Friends
  • Love
  • Community
  • Reunion


The element for the Three of Cups is water.

Yes or No Answer?

The answer is yes. Remember to stay clear on what you are asking of the cards. Accept each reading and if the reading is not to your liking, change course because nothing is written in stone.