Two of Wands

Two of Wands
Two of Wands

The second card in the Suit of Wands.  This card is important and usually represents having duality in your life.  There are two wands that represent people having a stronger view of the world and there being limits that you put only on yourself.

The Two of Wands represents having strong partnership and discovering new things.


The past with the Two of Wands shows that you have a past part in your life where you were no longer in your comfort zone and this took place with another person that you knew.  This is still impacting how you live today but in a positive way.  The past and the future are two parts of your life that you cannot control, and you will only be able to change how you present yourself.  Try to find inspiration and look to the future with ideas and hope.  Stop worrying.


The present with the Two of Wands shows that you are moving along in life and you will have what you need to help you when you are working.  There are two of what is going on and you will have to make a decision, so you need to know what your choices are.


Your future of the Two of Wands says that you will go on in life feeling like things you struggled with are worked out.  Look at your past so that you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  This will help you to work out your life and learn to make better choices and to run from the bad choices.


The Two of Wands shows that in work you will see the benefits if you learn from someone that is more experienced than you.  You will have an easier time doing what you need to do.  Find out what others are doing, and you will learn how to change the way you are working.


The love of the Two of Wands shows you that you can have balance.  This is a good card and if the relationship feels that it is one sided, it will begin to even out now.  This will be better for you if you have been putting effort in or if you haven’t.  Have a balanced relationship so it can be healthy for you.  Get rid of anxiety and talk to your partner.


You will want to be balanced in your spiritual being.  Make sure you keep helping other people and that you take care of yourself as well.  You will be busier than you are used to, and people will rely on you so you might need some alone time.  You will more than likely go on an adventure in your future so make sure that you are helping others along the way.  Help those that are worried about what their future holds.


In reverse, the Two of Wands will show you that you are scared of trying new things and that is why you feel isolated sometimes.  You will have events that happen around you that will make you not want to be adventurous.  Give yourself time and don’t be overwhelmed by the choices in front of you.


The numerology of the Two of Wands represents both sharing and being in partnership.  There are twos that symbolize your life being in balanced and needing improved at the same time.  If you want to get better in life, share your life stage with someone and they will prove to you that you are not alone.  If you have a lot of twos in a reading it can mean that you are going to be fine in your life and that things could always be better, but they could also be worse.


  • Equality
  • Balancing
  • Dual Living
  • Yin and Yang
  • Conflicts


The element of the Two of Wands is fire.

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