The Devil Card

The Devil
The Devil

The fifteenth card in the Major Arcana is the Devil card.  This is the lord of the underworld and the card has different meanings.  The real meaning is not that scary.

The Devil card means being ignorant and having materials and a spirit that is on a journey.


With the Devil card, the past means that you have addiction and you are into something, but you finally got away from it.  You fell out of the trap of addiction, but you can’t go there again.


The Devil in the present means that you have changed and that you still might be addicted to something.  You have an idea and are ashamed that you are, and you won’t tell anyone.  You have to grow and learn to have self-control.  You feel trapped or scared and you feel that there is no escape.


The Devil card in the future is not a good thing and it can mean that you will have something happen in your future that is bad, and it won’t let you grow.  You might fail or fall into something bad and you have to fight it.


With the Devil card, work means that you are feeling trapped where you are, and you need to leave and its up to you to do that.  Sometimes it is best to stay though so you can have security.


In love, the Devil card means that you have things standing still.  You might not be able to work out things with your partner and you can predict what is going to happen next.  You have a choice and you can spice things up and make things better for both of you.


If the Devil card comes in friendship it means that you will see people, the same all around and always see the same people and it gets tiring.  You get tired of hearing the same things and it might be a good time to take time alone with yourself.


Your finances with the Devil is not a good sign and this means that you can have a situation that is bad and is your fault.  It can mean that you have spent too much money and you are a hoarder.


Your health with the devil card can mean that you have a good mental health and that you are well physically even though you are tired.  You need to be on a healthy diet and do clean eating.


Your spirituality is challenging, and you might not feel that you are heading in the right direction.  Be positive and try different practices.


In reverse, the Devil means that you are wanting to be free.  You want to get rid of things that are overbearing for you and you want to have a better life.  You want to move out of places where you feel controlled and you want to feel power in your life.


  • Bondage
  • Abusive
  • Temptation
  • Addiction
  • Punishing


The element of the Devil is the earth.


The sign is Capricorn

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is no.