The 20th Major Arcana card is the Judgement card.  This card is a representation of the day that you will be judged.  The dead will be judged for what they did in their life and this is a symbol of doing things in life and what it will cost you.

The Judgment card means that you will make choices for your life


The past of the Judgement card means that you have an event in your life where you jumped to conclusions and you had an outcome that affected you some way.  You could have been overly emotional or acted ugly and you thought it was forgotten about, but it wasn’t.


The Judgment card in the present means that you are called to do something in action.  If you are doing something secretive, you will know that people will know it and you might know someone is trying to keep things from you.  Ask them about it.  Do something right if you are wronging someone and admit it.


The future of the Judgement card can mean that you have made it to your future and even the smallest decision that you will make will affect your life  It is now that you will know how much your choices affect you.  You have to be true with who you are.


In your job, the Judgement card will show you that you cannot put off tasks and you have to complete them.  Plan your work so you can have a balance in your life.  Look inside of yourself and find out who you are and look at your mistakes.  Help other people get through this same thing.


The Judgement card can mean that you are meeting a new partner or getting a new job.  You might learn about things from your partners past and you might realize that you will see your partner differently.


Pay attention to who your friends are and don’t jump to conclusions about what is going on with them.  Look at their character and confront them if they are doing things that hurt you or that cause you pain.


Your finances will likely be good.  Track your money and make good purchases and don’t waste.


The Judgement card will remind you that you have to let go of your past hurts.  Even if you had a hard life, do not let it choose who you are now.  You will be okay in your body and don’t expect to get sick.


Your spirituality will be open, and you need to try things and be honest with yourself.  Challenge who you are.


The Judgement in revers is that you have to look at who you are and look deep.  Let others see you and even if you are doing something morally that you shouldn’t do, don’t ignore it, improve yourself and help other people to improve.  Try to live morally.


  • Redeeming
  • Regrets
  • Realizing
  • Choices


The element of the Judgement card is fire.


The sign of the Judgement card is Pluto

Yes or No Question?

Yes, but only if you learn to trust your inner gut feeling.

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