The Eight of Pentacles Card

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is the eight card and shows a positive card and you should expect good things when it comes up.  This can be a creative card and can help you see rewards in something that you have dedicated yourself to and worked very hard on.  This can be a skill you have a passion for.

The Eight of Pentacles shows being determined and working hard till you reach your goals.


The past of the Eight of Pentacles shows that you need to think about things and put more effort into things.  Are you giving things your all?  Are you putting in the right amount of work time and are you being dedicated to your partner or family?  You need to look to your future and have a hobby that you are dedicated to like you were in the past.


The present with the Eight of Pentacles shows that your future path is something you will choose.  If you don’t put in effort you won’t be rewarded.  You have an easier option but if you take it you will not be making the right choice.  If you have a passion for something, embrace it and make it part of your bigger life.


The future of the Eight of Pentacles shows that you will be successful in your job and that you will create a change that will help others to have a happier life.  Find a new way of doing things that will not bring about negative circumstances.  Work on something similar and look into doing things for others.


The work of the Eight of Pentacles means that you will continue to grow, and you will succeed.  Expect there to be an advancement or a raise in your future.  If you work with others, be a good leader.  Follow the passions that you have and not your own goals.  Don’t do what others expect you to do.


The love of the Eight of Pentacles shows that you are in a relationship that will get deeper but only through understanding each other and sharing and not through experiencing things.  If you are looking for someone and you are single, understand what you really want.  Work on yourself and look after your body and mind before you look for another person.


With friendship of the Eight of Pentacles, know that things are going well.  Don’t expect there to be gossip or any arguments.  Take the time to get into deep talking with your friends and get to know them and see if they need any help in things.


The finances of the Eight of Pentacles show that you are expecting to see increase but not because you are coming into money but because you will cut back on spending.  Find better deals and keep working like you are.  Don’t worry about money right now.


The health of the Eight of Pentacles shows that you are going to recover if you are sick, but you need to consider changing your lifestyle.  You need to stop doing things easy and treating others better than yourself.  You need to start a strict diet and exercise program.  If you want to be a vegetarian, try it if you can dedicate yourself.


The spiritual being of the Eight of Pentacles shows that you are in a good place and now you have to consider your future.  Play your part and take time to think of why you are here and what you can do in your life to build upon it.


The Eight of Pentacles in reverse shows that you have been feeling uninspired and you are working hard but you have lost sight of life.  You are in a place where you focus on the negative things and you are not satisfied.  You are covering up some kind of pain and you will only get better if you put in more effort.  Work hard in life but be in the right direction to move forward.


The number eight represents moving forwards.  This can mean that you need to dedicate yourself and you will see a payoff.  The work that you will do will give you an investment and it can be emotional or in terms of money.  If you have a lot of eights in your reading it can mean a good change in your life.


  • Prideful
  • Developing
  • Mastering


The element of the Eight of Pentacles is water.

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