Ace of Swords


The first card in the Suit of Swords card is the Ace of Swords.  This means a new start in life and aces always will mean a new beginning.  The sword can bring about change without there being a warning.  Aces most of the time represent a new goal or idea.  You might see yourself coming out in life.

The Ace of Swords shows achieving things and being victorious.


The past of the Ace of Swords shows a past where you acted too fast on things.  This has affected you now and even if you are acting when the time was right, you see that you did not follow your instincts.  You have to follow your instincts to move on and others thought you were too quick to adapt to new things.  This worked best for you.


The present of the Ace of Swords showed that you went through a lot of change.  You will see unexpected change and it will affect who you are.  This can be violent but if you are the one causing the stress or violence, you have to calm down.  If you act rashly, this is not a bad thing and it will be you who is in charge and not your emotions.  Think about things before you act.


The future of the Ace of Swords shows that you have a strong potential outcome.  You will have a life that you are willing to work hard for and you will reach your potential.  You will be creative, but you have to learn not to rush things.  Read about things and learn as much information that you can before you do them.  This will be a lifestyle that is fun and creative.  You will keep changing who you are and having new things happen to you.


In your work, you will have a positive sign if you draw the Ace of Swords.  This can mean a new job or a better raise.  Look outside of what boundaries you have set for yourself and apply for something even if you are not qualified for it. This cannot hurt and maybe you need something brand new to do.


The Ace of Swords can be a good sign for you if you are single.  The card is about new things so you can expect someone new to come into your life.  If you have a partner, you will have more adventure.  You will spice things up and bring new things to your relationship.  Share your feelings deeply with your partner and learn to develop your relationship at a stronger level.


With your friendships and the Ace of Swords, you will have conflicts with your friends, and you have to settle them.  This might have been something that was there for a long time and you have to just apologize or confess so you can move on.  This will be a regret if you don’t make things right.


Your finances with the Ace of Swords will show that you will be okay with money.  When things come along, you will be able to make change and will know your limits.  You need to cut your losses and move on.


Your health with the Ace of Swords shows that you need to start a new beginning.  Things might have happened to you and you need to change your lifestyle.


The spiritual part of the Ace of Swords shows that you are not set in stone and things are relative and can change.  Look at other viewpoints of life and see if you can have an open mind.  Consider other viewpoints and worldviews.


The Ace of Swords in reverse can show that you are feeling sluggish and familiar with life and you need excitement.  You will be familiar with your desires and you will want to change things.  You need to experience newness and work towards a goal.  Don’t be bogged with life and set your own eyes on things.


The number 1 is beginning and creation and this can show that a great thing is going to happen in your life soon.  This could be bad or good and can be a conflict that you have to solve.  If you have a lot of aces in your reading it can mean that you will begin a new part of life that is better or worse.


  • Focusing on Things
  • Truth
  • Clear


The element of the Ace of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes.