Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is the first card in the suit of Pentacles, and it is a positive card.  This card allows you to expect good things and will show material possessions and wealth.  This card is called coins sometimes.  It can be interpreted in different ways and is considered a good card to draw.

The Ace of Pentacles represents having more than enough and having good luck in finances.


The past of the Ace of Pentacles is that you have come from a place where you give what you wanted in life.  You were privileged and well cared for.  You have been prepared for what is coming in your life and you have started something new.  Maybe you moved someone, but it has been very positive.


The present with the Ace of Pentacles shows that you have what you need in materials and you are not wanting to have more things.  Things are going good in the future and you need to not worry but to take all of your experiences in.  This represents your life being on a plateau and you need to help other in this moment.


The future of the Ace of Pentacles shows that you will have all the material things you need such as a car, house and other things.  You will see that you are climbing a mountain and moving upwards and even if there is a struggle, you will see success.  You can only fail if you give up and you have to keep moving forward.  This is a great card and shows happiness and being fulfilled in life.


The work with the Ace of Pentacles shows that you have success and you are moving forward in life.  You need to start new activities, and this will help you to understand more things.  You will get a promotion and you have to work for it, but this is a good sign.  Something great will come in your future and will give you a new connection.


Your love will have a good sign with the Ace of Pentacles.  Things will happen in your relationship that will be a big deal but don’t blow things up and make them bigger than they are.  You will save money and have more experiences with your partner.  Surprise your partner with a trip or something nice.  If you are single, you need to keep your eyes open for a new love, especially if you started a new job.


In friendship, you will see that things are going well.  Don’t argue or gossip.  Treat your friends to something good and make an effort to work with someone that needs help.  Make connection and reach out.


The Ace of Pentacles shows you that you will recover and have what you need.  You will get money and so you need to not be stingy with it.  Your work has given you what you need.


Your health will be good, and you will recover if you drink water.  Money will show that you need to spend it and it will be good to buy a gym membership or take yoga.


The spiritual part of the Ace of Pentacles shows that you will have a good chance to help others right now.  You will need to help others so that you can have balance where you are lacking in life.


The Ace of Pentacles in reverse shows that you need to not worry about things and that you might have issues with money later.  You will be scared to try things and to make yourself better.   This is normal but not the right mindset to have.  Push so you can be free.


The number 1 represents creation and you are moving in motion and this will benefit you.  You might have a new business idea or change your lifestyle at this time.  You will have increase in abundance and if you have a lot of aces in your reading then you will start a new cycle of life.


  • Lucky
  • Prosperity
  • Rewarding


The element of the Ace of Pentacles is earth.

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