The Magician Card
The Magician Card

The Magician card is one of the Major Arcana sets and is a card that is seen as positive when drawn.  This will show that you are about to go into a new path and show you that you have to become more than who you are to experience life. The Magician card is not about magic, but change and things to come.


When looking into the past, the Magician card shows that you should not worry about whether you have achieved a lot in your past but that you should look to the future and work towards having better relationships, getting good grades, and having a good job. We cannot change the past, so there is no need for worry. Instead, focus on doing better and greater things in the time you have left in this life.


The Magician card will show that you have confidence and that you are strong and want to work towards something great.  It can mean that you just started something new and that you are continuously learning from someone such as your elder or other people in your life.  With the Magician card, you can share your knowledge with others. Keep going in the direction you are in at the moment when this card appears because it will end up being great in the long run.


Looking into the future with the Magician means that you are looking into a new path, and you will see better things to come for you.  With the Magician card, things can only be better for you in the future.  If you are facing long periods of job loss, the Magician card is a good card for you to draw because it means things will improve in the future. Do not fear your new path, but embrace it and make it the best possible for your life.


In love, the Magician card means that you will meet new people in your life. These people may be friends or a lover, but love will be present no matter the form of the relationship. Enjoy and embrace these people whole-heartedly.


The Magician card is similar to the Fool card, and it can mean that you are seeking positivity in your life and you will create bonds with new groups of people.  In addition, you will find new interests and hobbies to take on. Find the fun in these new activities as you bond with others.


The Magician can help you to achieve wealth.  You may see opportunities show up that will help you to make money. Keep your eyes open for money-making opportunities when this card appears. This does not mean jump at every scheme or new idea, but do your research and find the one that is right for your situation.


You will need to work more on your health by doing things such as exercising more or joining a gym.  This will make you a better person inside and outside. Start out by getting a physical and then work on the mind, body, and soul in healthy ways when this card appears.


The Magician wants you to look into your spirituality and find new ways to believe in things.  For example, pick up a yoga class or learn to meditate more.  Doing this will also help you to meet new people. This is not about a specific religion, but about growing spiritually and expanding your horizons.


The card in this deck shows a magician who is on a journey.  He has a wand that is pointing down, and he looks up to heaven.  The magician has you in the middle and knows that he is the foundation of your life.

Things will always have some good and some evil, more and less, better and worse, and will help you to reach new heights if you know that there are always changes, but a firm foundation will keep you steady and strong.


If you look at the Magician in reverse, it can show that you have a problem with the universe or in nature.  Since the universe and nature are part of you, you have to figure out how to change in order to fix this.  You cannot let the influences of the world confuse you.  Figure out what problems you are facing in your life and find out what these mean to you. Solving the problem will create a healthy balance in your life.


  • Mastery
  • Understanding
  • Adaptable
  • Midway


The Fool stands for the Air element.


The Fool stands for Uranus.

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