The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

Four of Pentacles
Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles is the fourth card in the suit of pentacles and is mostly positive.  Good things will come when you see a four of pentacles, but it has specific meanings, and you need to be careful.

The Four of Pentacles shows being possessive and stable while giving yourself to others. Stability is typically a positive in life and being stable for others who need you most is almost a necessity.


The past position of the Four of Pentacles shows that you have set yourself up for the position you are in now, and you are hanging on to material things.  Let go of your past and break the bonds so that you can move on to something good.  This might seem hard to think about, but it won’t hurt to consider it.  It can also mean that you can reconnect to your past through something like a lost item or a toy from your childhood. These positive childhood memories are a good thing, so enjoy.


The present position of the Four of Pentacles shows that you are in a place where you are holding on to things that you think are important.  However, remember that you cannot take these things with you in the long run, and on your deathbed, you will not want to spend more money. So, understand what is really important to you and stop worrying about material things that come and go. Decide what needs to be changed in your life so that you can be happy.


The future position of the Four of Pentacles shows that you have security in your finances, and you will be catered to on the Earth.  Look at what you want to spend your time on and do that thing. Look at the card and notice that it shows financial wealth in his thoughts. Do you want to be like him?


Your work in reference to the Four of Pentacles shows that you are working for the wrong reasons.  Do you like your job?  Do you want a job that pays more?  Do you want to move on?  Find the benefits of being somewhere else and set your mind and ethics on how you are going to make the move. Be passionate about what you are getting paid to accomplish through your job.


Love in reference to the Four of Pentacles shows that you will be in a relationship that isn’t good for you.  Stop holding on to the potentially toxic relationship. You might be living in a bubble making you think you are happy, but you have to go outside of it to find real love and happiness.  Go beyond just being comfortable in a relationship. Love your life, or it will fly by.


Your friendship concerning the Four of Pentacles shows that you will be with friends that will turn to parasites in some areas of life.  Do you always pay for things?  If so, let them pay for you.  Don’t boast about things that you have to your friends or they will end up as strangers you once knew.


Your financial situation with the Four of Pentacles shows that you are in a good place.  You will not struggle financially in the near future. This is a good card to draw if you have had hard times lately.  Expect there to be some gains coming to you but don’t be tempted to show off to others.


The health within the Four of Pentacles shows that you are growing in your physical and mental well-being.  Stop holding grudges and remember that things we do affect us for years to come.  Let go of things and do the right thing.  Letting go is better than keeping things inside.  Tell someone when you are feeling bad.  If you are happy with your health, help others.  Help others that have struggled like you and reassure them that things will be okay.


Your spiritual being with the Four of Pentacles shows that you have an attachment to material things.  You will be served well in the world, but you can’t take these with you after you die.  Sometimes hanging on to things will cause you to miss out on something better.


The Four of Pentacles in reverse shows that you need a change in mindset, and you will miss opportunities if you don’t start seeing the truth in the world.  This is focused on money and material things.  You might want to get rid of some things and live a minimalist lifestyle.  Don’t clutter your life with things and give them away to others.  If you collect things, share the knowledge of them with others, and watch out for deals that you want to make.  This can include a high-priced purchase.  Make sure you are really getting the best deal on anything you buy.


The number four shows that you are grounded in real things.  This can symbolize material possessions.  If you collect things, you can find something valuable soon.  If you have a lot of fours in your reading, the chances are that you will be organized, and you will be reap the rewards.


  • Conserving
  • Providing
  • Power


The element of the Four of Pentacles is the earth element.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes when asking this type of question.

The Four of Pentacles is an overall positive card to receive, but you must focus it on your own question and in relation to what is happening in your life. It should be noted that a concern with physical possessions is obvious and over-collecting or hoarding may be an issue. Keep things simple if this card is part of your reading.