Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords
Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is the tenth card in the suit of Swords.  This card is not very positive.  It shows a man on the ground and has ten swords on his back.  This card is seen as destructive and dark, but you have to consider the whole reading in order to interpret it. Also remember that a reading is a guide to your current journey. A journey can always be altered.

The Ten of Swords shows failure and being hopeless.


The past of the Ten of Swords shows that you have to relate to your past even when things went wrong.  There was a time when you were completely at the bottom, and experiences learned from this helped you grow.  This led you to understand that you cannot keep making the same mistakes.  The past can still come back to upset you, so bad memories need to be seen as lessons so you don’t make the same mistakes.


The present of the Ten of Swords shows that you will have something important to you come to an end.  This will change your life completely and is something that you do not want to happen to you.  So prepare that this will happen so that you can face it.  It will not be good to hear but remember that life is not always easy, and bad events can appear without warning.  So be strong in your mind.


The future of the Ten of Swords shows that you are on a path in life that will lead you to be destroyed.  You have to evaluate what is going on with you and make drastic changes in your life if you want to reach your goals.  You will have things affect you and those close to you, so you need to consider them when you make your choices.  You have a chance to change your life if you don’t like the direction you are going.


The work with the Ten of Swords shows that you are doing things that will come to an end.  When this happens, you will not expect a sudden change.  This could be a firing or changing jobs.  You will need to brace for this to happen to you.  If you are thinking about leaving, it will not go as smoothly as you hoped.


The love of the Ten of Swords shows that you are in a situation that will end soon.  This is not a good card for love, and you need to plan on being alone for a while.  If the relationship is not working out, why be in it anyway?  If you are single, don’t expect to find love right now.  If you are looking and you do find love, don’t rush into it because it might not be what you really want.


The friendship of the Ten of Swords shows that you will have small arguments that will cause your friends to erupt.  You will see that things will come to an end, and people will leave.  You cannot avoid this.  However, you can prepare so that you can handle the pain. Be the bigger person and let go when it is time.


The finances of the Ten of Swords show that you have to brace yourself for what is coming.  You don’t want to trust someone you know won’t give 100 percent.  So if you are expecting money soon, stop looking for it.  You need to be careful in the future with money. This is sound advice no matter the timing, but be prepared for a bit of a struggle.


The Ten of Swords card is a bad card for your health.  Expect your health to be down, and to have issues in your life.  You thought the health issues were worked out, but they aren’t, and things might be worse than you thought they were. Make sure to get whatever tests or treatments are needed to find the problem and being healing in the future.


The spiritual part of the Ten of Swords shows you that you have to break free from your bonds.  So if you are in religious practices and unhappy, find new ones. This may be harder than you hope, but it will be worth it over time to step away.


The Ten of Swords in reverse represents trials you have reached and a place of lowness in your life.  You can expect terrible things with this number, but then you will recover.  If life gets bad, start improving it by doing what is necessary.  Expect things to be hard for a while, and they will not be easy tasks, but you will get through them.  When you feel like giving up, keep pushing.


The ten is a special number and can mean completion, but it can also mean 1, a higher level.  Tens are the end of a cycle and the start of a new cycle.  The Ten of Swords is not positive, but it can mean that you have a time of hopelessness coming to an end.  Start the next cycle so that you can have a new chapter in your life.  If you don’t feel good, don’t take it to mean that things will be bad; remember that the universe is not permanent when there are hardships.


  • Endings
  • Crisis
  • Problems


The element of the Ten of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question?

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