Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords

The thirteenth card is the Queen of Swords, and this card will represent someone who is in your life.  This person is most likely a mature woman who gets mad fast.  You might know who that is already in life because it is typically clear. This may also be someone new in your life or someone soon to come that fits this description.

The Queen of Swords represents maternal energy, independence, and good gut feelings.


The past position of the Queen of Swords represents someone that is in your life that is of authority to you. This can be a female teacher or someone else that influenced you deeply.  It might sound silly but think how they have affected you in your life.  You can change how you see situations and when you think of someone older than you and wiser than you, it can make you feel wiser.


The present position of the Queen of Swords shows that you are with a strong female in your life, and you might even think of her romantically.  This could never happen, though, and you need to take her advice.  It might not fit what you are used to but accept it.  If there is not someone like this in your life, this person will probably appear soon.


The future of the Queen of Swords shows that you are going to become wise and not empathetic.  You will be influenced and influential, but people can come to you.  You will learn to go to work, and you will be a minority so that you will stand out. This may sound overwhelming, but it will turn out well if you stay true to yourself and respect your wisdom.


Your work with the Queen of Swords shows that you need to calm down.  If you are working on things that you think are easy or under you, you might not feel that you are pushing yourself, and that’s okay.  Your time to do that will come later.  Don’t be desperate to act if you are looking for a job.  Do favors for your co-workers, but don’t let them take advantage of you.  This can be specific people the cards are pointing to as far as helping out and being taken advantage of over time.


Your love with the Queen of Swords shows that you will find a strong woman that will help you.  They will be a free spirit and have excessive knowledge and skills.  You have to try to get close but don’t force them to like you.  You will partner with someone that will bring you to change.  If you feel that your relationship is on the wrong path, you need to talk to them.  If you are single and looking for a partner, you might find someone that is creative.  They will be mature and will want to act fast but not be reckless.


The friendship of the Queen of Swords is that you will have good friends and things will be good.  You will make a new female friend, and you don’t want always to take things literally.  Know how to treat others, and if someone is doing something good, don’t miss out on the rewards of things.


The finances of the Queen of Swords show that things might take a bad turn for you, but you need to focus more on your life than your money.  You need to be creative, take your situation in your hands, and change monetary plans in life.  Let the money come to you, and you will be able to live better and go places you want to.  Try new things and be happy. Creativity and budgeting is key at this point.


The Queen of Swords in your health shows that you have concerns and need to share them with people you trust.  They will help you, and even though you are independent, you should be able to get support and have a good foundation of trust for others.  So if there is someone older you are worried about, check on them and find out what is best as a way of helping.


The spiritual being with the Queen of Swords shows that this is a good time to deal with your emotions.  If you have skills that can teach others, use them.  Influence and change the lives of people around you, and don’t be shy.  Face your problems and if anything is bothering you, face it head-on.  This is a fearless card, and when you face your fears, they will go away.


The reverse of the Queen of Swords shows that you will be negative if you are in charge.  You will not be a good leader.  You will have a powerful woman by you that will stop things from happening.  If you hold people back, you need to figure out why you do this and stop.  If you are jealous, you have to realize you will not be able to stop other people from doing well.  Use your own skills and be happy in your life without concerning yourself of what others are doing.


  • Motherly
  • Impressions
  • Perceiving


The element of the Queen of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is yes. The goal is to have a focused question and to stay fully present for the reading.