Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups card is the twelfth card and is a positive card.  This has romance in it and can help you to have good news and positivity.  You will have romance and good news.  This will bring positivity into your life.

The Knight of Cups represents goodness and change.


The past with the Knight of Cups shows that you will have a good time in your life that has a high point for you.  You will progress and you will travel beyond what you expected.  You will see your first serious relationship in your past and learn from this.


In the present, the Knight of Cups means that you will be in a plateau in your life and you will think that you will have a new adventure.  You will meet your goals but right now you feel stuck in your life.  If someone owes you something, ask them so you can be complete.  IN a relationship, you will have to make a choice between your heart and your mind


The future of the Knight of Cups shows you that you need to be focused and then you can be successful in all of your life.  Have passions and learn to move on with will power.  Be strong in your mind.  Allow yourself to grow.


With work, the Knight of Cups will show you that you will have a good job, or you will be higher in your company.  You will continue to be who you are and if you have a lot of energy, you need to go outside and do things.

You might get a promotion and if you dedicate yourself then you can do this by following your heart.  Find what you desire.  People don’t normally do what they want but you need to.  Work hard and in the end, it will pay off and you will learn more and be able to be happy.


With love of the Knight of Cups, you will expect there to be a proposal.  You will get the outcome that you want.  This is a good thing and you will have a good partner.  If a proposal isn’t in your cards, you will meet someone and have a deeper connection with your partner.  IF you are single, you will find a new partner, but you will regret something.  You might be rejected.  You will recover and when you regret what happens you will have to move forward.


With your friendships, you will see that you will meet people that want to join with you, and it will be almost too good to be true.  Go for it even if you feel that are things holding you back.  Do what you want with your friends.  Go on a trip together and learn to be close to each other.  Be motivated by people and work together.


Your finances in your Knight of Cups means ta you will increase in your money and you will see that things are not as bad as you think they will be.  You will have someone that will leave you money and you will get a new job.


The health of the Knight of Cups will give you a yes to your body.  You will be nervous about your health, but you are okay and will improve.  Don’t hold your thoughts and mentally be ready to move on in life.  You will do well.


In your spiritual self of the Knight of Cups, you will need to remind yourself that you have opportunity to be better.  You will know that the doors will shut in other parts of your life but look for ways to follow certain directions.


The Knight of Cups in reverse means that this can be negative.  You have strong emotions that can cause you to not be happy.  You might have been rejected and this is getting you down.  Your feelings will get hurt. You will have to let things go and only hold on to things that are good for you.


  • Seducing
  • Flattery
  • Love
  • Artistic
  • Deceiving


The element of the Knight of Cups is water.

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