Which Tarot Cards Mean Marriage?

Tarot Cards Mean Marriage

There are many people that use tarot cards in their everyday life, but they will turn to them more when they are thinking about being in a relationship. Which cards are the best when it comes to being married? What cards will tell you if your partner wants to marry you or not? Tarot cards can be used for many things and there are some cards that can indicate a marriage or an engagement better than others.

Getting a relationship reading is very common when it comes to tarot card readings. Many people want to know where their relationship is going to go and if its going to last forever. People will get these readings so that they can figure out their love life and they can find out what the tarot cards say about love.

If you aren’t sure if you’re going to get married or not and you want to know which cards would be best to tell you, keep reading.

  • The Hierophant Card

This is a card that can mean you’re going to get married. This is the one that symbolizes marriage better than any of the other cards on the deck. This card is associated with culture and with customs and celebrations that come with marriage.

The card can symbolize values and traditions and it can show you that your lover is invested in you and that they want to marry you. Since you are both traditional and both have values then you will want this as well. When the Hierophant card comes to you in the future position, it can mean that you will likely get married. If it shows up in the past though it can mean that you have been engaged or married in the past.

  • The World Card

This is a card that says that one day you will likely be married. It means that you are inspired by having a spouse. This is a positive card that indicates marriage and being accomplished. Once you reach your goal of being married you can go on to other things in your life and start something new.

The World doesn’t always mean that you’re going to marry the person that you are getting the reading about though it can mean you are marrying someone or anyone. If you get this card in a reading it doesn’t mean that the person you are with is the one you will marry.

  • Three of Cups Card

This is a card that doesn’t mean marriage, but it does mean birth, baptism, engagement, wedding and more. This card can mean great things if you’re in a relationship that you have established, and it can also mean starting a family.

If you’re in a relationship that you haven’t been in for very long it can indicate that you’re about to get more serious. If you haven’t met your partners relatives or friends and this card comes up, it can mean that your partner will introduce you to them or that you will attend weddings together, not always your own.

  • Justice Card

The Justice card is another good card if you are ready to get married and move forward. If you get this card and the Hierophant card in one reading, then it means that there is a big chance that you will be married.

Justice can be a cold card though and sometimes it can mean that you will get married but not that you’re marriage will be good or will last.

  • The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is one that can mean marriage and it shows the first people that were married and lived on the earth, Adam, and Eve (The Rider Waite Smith deck). This card doesn’t always mean marriage though, but it can mean temptation, or it can mean that your relationship can be sinful or not committed.

  • Ten of Cups Card

Ten of Cups card is one that can mean marriage, but it doesn’t mean that the marriage will have a great ending. It can mean that you are ready to start a family. If this card is in the future position, then it means that your relationship is probably going towards marriage.

This card can also show you that your partners family is going to come together and be happy and that you and your partner will have children and grandchildren down the line.

  • Ten of Pentacles Card

Ten of Pentacles is a card that can mean that you are going to get some kind of asset such as money or a business. It is something that can be passed down from your family and from generation to generation. If your partner doesn’t have a family of their own and you get this card, it can mean that they will someday.

This card also represents tradition and if you get this card in a reading then chances are it means that you will be married in a traditional way.

  • The Sun Card

This card can mean that you will have a wedding that is happy in your future. If this shows up in the outcome position, it especially can mean that. The Sun can also mean that you will have good luck in your relationship and in your life. The Sun card is a good luck card.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get into a relationship reading to find out about marriage, these are some of the best card that can be pulled in a reading. Find out more about tarot card readings by talking to a gifted psychic.