Pentacles Tarot Cards Meanings

The suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is a symbolic card that has different symbolic meanings.  This can be satanic worship or Wiccan’s belief and is also seen in other religions.

Pentacles represent wealth and the Earth element.  This deals with wealth, being materialistic, having possessions, and an income.  The Pentacles represent more than wealth; they represent being grounded and taking care of your life.  You can take care of issues that can be fixed and have goals and obstacles along with desires.

Suit of Pentacles

Here are the cards in the suit of Pentacles:

  • Ace of Pentacles
  • Two of Pentacles
  • Three of Pentacles
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Five of Pentacles
  • Six of Pentacles
  • Seven of Pentacles
  • Eight of Pentacles
  • Nine of Pentacles
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Page of Pentacles
  • Knight of Pentacles
  • Queen of Pentacles
  • King of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is the first card in the suit of Pentacles, and it is a positive card.  This card allows you to expect good things and will show material possessions and wealth.  This card is called coins sometimes.  It can be interpreted in different ways and is considered a good card to draw.

The Ace of Pentacles represents having more than enough and having good luck in finances.

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is the second card in the suit of Pentacles and means understanding and study.  It also can mean balance where two halves will make a whole.  This can be good and bad or a male or female.  This is a positive card and shows us balance in our lives.

The Two of Pentacles can mean balance, partnership, and possessions.

Three of Pentacles

The third card in the suit of Pentacles is the Three of Pentacles.  Again, this card shows good things, and can relate to working.

The Three of Pentacles shows goals and being certain in life.

Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles is the fourth card and is mostly positive.  Again, good things will come when you see them, but it has specific meanings, and you need to be careful.

The Four of Pentacles shows being possessive and stable and giving yourself to others.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles or the fifth card in the suit of Pentacles shows a card that is not all good or all bad.  This card means you have to prepare yourself for things you haven’t hoped for in your life.

The Five of Pentacles shows lacking and being poor.

Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles shows that you have a positive card.  Things will look better and more positive now.  So expect things to be how they are and understand how you can change the world for the good.

The Six of Pentacles represents being fair and generous and reaching your goals.

Seven of Pentacles

The seventh card in the suit of Pentacles card is the Seven of Pentacles.  This card is a positive card, and you can expect goodness in your life.  This shows a man growing crops and being peaceful as he watches them grow.  He has put in the effort, and now he is seeing it grow.

The Seven of Pentacles means growing and thinking positively, and planning in life.

Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is the eighth card and shows a positive card, and you should expect good things when it comes up.  This can be a creative card and help you see rewards in something you have dedicated yourself to and worked very hard on.  In addition, this can be a skill you have a passion for.

The Eight of Pentacles shows being determined and working hard till you reach your goals.

Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles shows plants and shows a man resting after working hard.  This shows a woman that loves to garden but is not laboring.

The Nine of Pentacles represents being full of security and having luxury.

Ten of Pentacles

The tenth card in the suit of Pentacles is the Ten of Pentacles.  This card shows positivity in having enough.  Don’t expect that you will need something, and you will have what you desire.

The Ten of Pentacles shows security, having strong finances, and looking for past inspiration in your life.

Page of Pentacles

The eleventh card in the suit of Pentacles is the Page of Pentacles card.  This card is a good card, and you will see good things when you draw it, especially in goals.  This card uses the real world, and you can see yourself reaching your goals and dreams.

The Page of Pentacles shows opportunity and having new beginnings in life.

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles shows a good positive reading.  You will have goodness in goals and in moving forward.  This card represents a younger male that you may know, and you can expect them to have knight qualities and help you to aspire for more.

The Knight of Pentacles shows being patient and dependable.

Queen of Pentacles

The thirteenth card in the suit of Pentacles is the Queen of Pentacles, and this card will represent someone in your life that is older, most likely a woman.  This card shows a comfortable life, and you might know who this person is.  This person will take care of you and nurture you.

The Queen of Pentacles is a feminine card representing having a good home life.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles card is the fourteenth card representing a strong male figure in your life.  This can be a good influence and someone that has a lot of material things.

The King of Pentacles represents having abundance and being successful in life.