Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands
Knight of Wands

The twelfth card in the suit of Wands is the Knight of Wands card.  This card can show a barren desert, and the Knight is similar to the Page.  However, the Knight is moving fast and has decided what his goals are so he can move forward.

The Knight of Wands can show leadership and travel.  Keep a goal in mind. This card is about focus and meeting goals, so be certain of what you desire.


The Knight of Wands shows that you were in a place where you should have acted quickly even though you didn’t take time to think about it.  You will see that there are different outcomes.  You were considered very mature for your age, and you had more responsibility at school, and home than other kids your age did.  When you look at the past, you will feel better about it than when you were a kid. This is a position in which things have already occurred, look back at that time as a learning experience.


The present position with the Knight of Wands shows that you will have challenges coming up in your life.  You will be trying to find meaning for things, and if you want to get away, you need to just do that.  If you feel like you have things you need to finish, take a short trip soon to change how you feel.  If you don’t have plans, find something new to experience in life, and you will get good news. This can be in area of life, so maintain your work ethic, but take necessary breaks as needed.


The future position of the Knight of Wands shows that you will be in a position in your life where you will work hard, which will make you happy.  It will not be about making money but about reaching who you want to be in life.  You will have a passion and talent that you will use to reach your goals.  You have to make time for yourself and take more chances, even if it is difficult to break out of your comfort zone.  Say yes to things that are offered to you, and come out of your shell so that you can be successful.  Don’t rush things and let life work out naturally.


The work position with the Knight of Wands shows that you were waiting for something, and you are going to get it.  Some issues at your job might start to bother you less, and you will do your job better than ever.  This is a positive card when relating it to your career, and you will be in control of what happens with you in this part of your life.  If starting a new project, be passionate and invested in it.


The love of the Knight of Wands shows that you can reach a new level of connection with your partner.  You will have new adventures and find love if you are single.  If you are looking, expect that you will meet someone at your job that is interested in you.  Don’t look far for someone; this person will accompany you in every situation.


You need to take a trip with your friend, and it will be too good to miss.  The gains will outweigh any risks that are associated with this trip.  So go for it and have fun.  Even when you don’t expect it, the offer will come, take it.  Don’t let your friendship fade, and learn to bring everyone together. This can be through the trip that is offered or just get-togethers and conversation.


The finances of the Knight of Wands show that you will have money that is coming fast, but you have to save some of it for when things go bad.  You will want to spend a big amount of money on vacation, and this is a good idea so you can have peace and relax.  Take time and action to have fun. However, this vacation should not take up all your savings because hard times will come as well and a cushion is necessary.


The health of the Knight of Wands shows that you are nervous about your physical being.  See what you can do to improve yourself.  Improve your mind by stopping your thoughts from wandering and getting focused.  If you are sick, take baby steps to get better and don’t overdo things in life. You already know how to get into shape, so begin slow, but get started.


The spirituality of the Knight of Wands can show growth, and if you open up yourself, you will see that there are many doors that are open to you.  Look for the ways that life tells you to move in certain places and then go that way.  This can be a sign that things are moving to a new level.  See things in a different light.


The reverse of the Knight of Wands can feel like you are angry and there is a fire burning within you.  Don’t be mad at who you are as a person when you haven’t reached your goals.  If you are annoyed with yourself, learn to see it as growth.  Don’t feel defeated, and don’t attempt doing things that you cannot do.  Even if you don’t have control over things, you will decide to fight them. Take inventory, learn what is needed and get things back on track.


  • Adventurous
  • Braver
  • Fearless


The element of the Knight of Wands is fire.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Be certain of your question and remain focused in your reading.