The Five of Wands Tarot Card

Five of Wands
Five of Wands

The fifth card in the Wand Suit is the Five of Wands.  The Five of Wands card is a good card where conflict is involved and aggression.  There are five men on this card, and they are fighting.  There is a person that wins, a main aggressor and maybe victims.

The Five of Wands represents competing and struggling in life.


The past of the Five of Wands shows that you are thinking over things that have happened to you a long time ago.  This can cause there to be an argument or you are losing a friend.  You may not even know why this happened to you, but it has always haunted and followed you.  Maybe you got into an argument with someone in the past, but it still holds today.  You need to fix this.


The present of the Five of Wands represents a time where you were stressed.  You will have big emotions and you might have a negative outcome in your life.  Don’t allow your emotions to control you and learn to not go for the first opportunity but to avoid conflict and think on what you want before acting.  Control your emotions and don’t overreact about things.


The future of the Five of Wands shows that you will have a time where you regret things and you will have a conflict in your future that you cannot avoid.  You might even have something that happens that leads to this conflict.  Conflict comes no matter what is going on in your life.


The work of the Five of Wands shows that things might not being going well.  You can’t have good things without there being bad things so even if things are bad, don’t give up.  Work through them and do your best and you will win the battle.  Never give up.


In love, the Five of Wands shows that you will have a downward turn in your relationships.  This is a bad thing.  Give yourself time to figure out what is going on.  Is it your fault?  What can you do?  Think about how the relationship is as a whole and see if you need to continue further or break up.  Good comes with bad, remember that.


Your friendship in the Five of Wands shows that you are going to have some arguments and you might feel that you have to choose between two different groups of friends.  Do what you have to do and follow your gut with this one.


The finances in the Five of Wands shows that you will have what you need.  You will have an ideal lifestyle, and this is something that no one can actually live.  Don’t follow with television and social media and be honest with yourself.  What can you do with your money that is good?


The health of the Five of Wands shows that you will need to get rid of your negative thinking and reform how you think.  Take positive advice for your life and have a good attitude.  Don’t be overly negative and understand that good and bad both happens to people.  Don’t allow yourself to be comforted with bad foods that make you only feel good for a short time.  Remember you are an animal and you have to conquer.


Your spirituality with the Five of Wands is that things that happen will stay solid and you have to learn to take over the expressions of your past.  You will want to see how the future is affected by the present and you need to not let things get your spirit down.


The Five of Wands in reverse can be negative.  It can show conflict that you have inside of yourself.  If you are upset with things you have done, you have to not hold a grudge and forgive yourself.  You need to accept things that you have done and things that happen to you.

If you have recently had a fight with someone be happy about this because you will soon make up with them.


The number five can show energy and change.  Five means the occult such as the pantacles and five elements.  This can mean competition and you might have to push yourself so you can be successful.  If you reach your limits, then you will expect there to be some conflict.  Conflict makes things better for later.  If you have a lot of readings with fives, something will change very soon.


  • Struggling
  • Being in conflict
  • Challenging


The element of the Five of Wands is fire.

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