Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords
Nine of Swords

The ninth card in the suit of Swords is the Nine of Swords.  This is a negative card and shows someone waking up from a nightmare and experiencing grief and sadness.  The nine swords are on the wall beside his bed, and he has a quilt that has red roses and zodiac symbols on it.  Again, this is seen as a bad card, but you have to interpret it by taking the whole reading into account.

The Nine of Swords card shows grief and fear. Grief and fear are not always a negative because they can spur us into action, so do not panic if this card appears, instead taking it in light of the other cards in the reading.


The past position of the Nine of Swords card shows that you are worried and stressed in your past and that you have gone through a shift and you are just recovering from it.  It might have been very traumatic, and you don’t have to assume that your future will have the same outcome that your past did.  Life is not set and changes over time.


The present position of the Nine of Swords shows that you are not in a good position.  Suffering and bad things are happening, and you feel like life is out of control.  It would be best if you prepared yourself so that you can handle the pain that is coming.  Life is full of trials but remember you will make it through even if it is hard.  Be aware that you will overcome these problems.


The future position of the Nine of Swords card shows that life is full of worry, and you will continue on your path.  Identify the parts of your life that are holding you back and making you feel negative.  No one wants to be unhappy so learn to do the right things so that you can be happy and enjoy your life.  Give your best in life and see that it will pay off.


The work with the Nine of Swords shows that you will worry about a new change at work, but this will not help you.  Everyone experiences changes, and you will have to learn to overcome what you hold on to from the past.  Even if you worry, this will be overcome in time and with patience.  Ask for the opinions of others and share your burden with them to help get over the hurdles.


The love of the Nine of Swords shows that you are in a relationship and you are being bothered by something.  Learn to communicate without blowing things out of proportion.  Even if you have had things happen, don’t act on them, and give yourself time to think them over.  If you are single, you will not be single forever. Trust that love will come or blossom, but you must be patient.


The friendship of the Nine of Swords says that you will be outgoing, and you might even get into an argument with your friends because they are accusing you of false things.   You may have committed some negative thing and if you have done something, tell the truth, but if you haven’t, walk away.  Don’t let them argue with you but if you have to walk away, do it kindly.


The finances of the Nine of Sword show that you might not be worried about money, but you are in a lot of trouble.  You cannot keep living like you are trying to impress others.  You have to reach a time where you consider stopping this and stop taking appearances so seriously.  Drop these people and live a happy life.  Do better. This may require some sacrifices but you will be better off in the long run.


The health of the Nine of Swords shows that you are in a place where you have to deal with some problems.  Break down what is happening and learn to manage each part one at a time.  Don’t be in silence when you are worried about your health.  Talk to someone.  If you have recently done something, worrying about it won’t change anything, do something different instead.


The spirituality of the Nine of Swords shows that you need to calm down and stop overthinking everything in your life.  Work out the outcomes and think about things but not for too long.  Perfection is not something anyone can have; it is only a dream. Embrace your spirituality and continue to grow, but never expect perfection.


The Nine of Swords in reverse shows that you will have to face it when something traumatic happens to you.  You will have a stressful period in your life, but this will help you grow.  There are times when choices will come, and your emotions will be strong, and this will be a time of recovery.  Expect to face regrets and trouble in your thoughts in the future but do not isolate. Instead go to people you trust with your problems to seek advice.


The number nine shows resolution and that your pain and grief will end soon.  If you are mourning about something, know it will soon end.  Many nines in your reading will show that you are about to start a new cycle. New cycles can be scary, but also amazing so prepare yourself, but hope for the best.


  • Anxious
  • Depressing
  • Sleeplessness


The element of the Nine of Swords is air.

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is no. Getting a no is not always a bad thing, so accept it with an open mind.