King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles
King of Pentacles

The last card in the suit of Pentacles is the King of Pentacles card.  This card shows the entire suit needs to be taken seriously when these cards are seen.  The King will represent a strong manly influence in your life, and it is probably someone rich.

The King of Pentacles shows maturity and authority in life. Receiving this card may appear intimidating, but it is a sign to focus and pay attention to the information coming forward.


The past of the King of Pentacles shows that you were involved in an event that made you cautious, and so you learned not to rush into things in life.  Instead, you stayed back and thought about what options that you had before making a decision.  You might be someone that is very mature for your age and has a lot of responsibilities in life.


The present of the King of Pentacles shows that you need to look for someone older than you that will be a father figure in your life.  They will be there to take care of you and whatever they say needs to be taken seriously.  This person will give you the best advice, but it doesn’t mean you are wrong even if you don’t follow it.  Don’t keep your smarts to yourself and help others that need help. You have the ability so trust it.


The future of the King of Pentacles shows that you will have a good outcome in your life if you are willing to work hard.  This is not about money but about reaching your goals.  You will have to have strong passions and have good goals in your life.  Expect something good if you want to start a new business. Keep in mind that you must still take the necessary time to make proper decisions, but things should turn out well if you do.


Your work with the King of Pentacles shows that you will look for someone that has more experience than you do so you can learn what they know.  This will help you do the job better and you need to have a strong foundation to be able to do the job great.  If you are working or in school, talk to your boss and let them help you in the future.  Think about starting your own business because you will have success in it.


The love in the King of Pentacles is a very good sign.  If you are single and looking, you will meet someone who is crazy about you.  They will seem perfect for you.  The King of Pentacles is great in relation to love.  Expect to have a stronger relationship and more maturity in it.  Treat you and your partner to something good.


The friendship aspect with the King of Pentacles shows that you are going to have good friends.  You will need to meet someone older and join a club or something where older people are involved.  Look at the Freemasons or another club so you can build trust with these new friends.  The King of Pentacles could represent who you are or a friend that will get a lot of wealth.  Do not let this cause problems in your group.  If someone has gotten a lot of things lately, let them mentor others.  Give them the reins to guide.


The finances of the King of Pentacles show that you are going to put your own money into a project, but this should lead you to make your own goals and ideas work.  Make sound investments and make good purchases that will help you later in life.  Don’t rush into things but take time to make decisions on things focused on the project.


The health with the King of Pentacles shows that you are doing good for your body.  You know what you need to do in order to take care of things such as working out and eating right.  Avoid things that you shouldn’t do or have.  Have someone that can be a role model for you and if you see someone doing something great, take them as your mentor and follow their example.


The spiritual being of the King of Pentacles shows that you can take what you believe and tell others, but you need to keep an open mind because people will put you down for your beliefs.  You don’t have to jump to conclusions, and some things in your life will confuse you, but there is evidence that you are doing the right thing.


The King of Pentacles shows that there is a tyrant among you.  If you are obsessed with money, then this is a representation of you.  This is not an attractive trait to have, and you need to find out why people see you this way.  Don’t take your money to extremes and do little things for your friends like buying drinks so you can make them and yourself feel good.


  • Leader
  • Business
  • Self-Control


The element of the King of Pentacles is earth.

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