Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups
Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is the first card in the Suit of Cups set.  This is a card that is a good card and should bring good things.  The cups mean emotions and the Ace of Cup means that there is an emotion that is coming, and it can be a new friendship or relationship.  This can mean a new feeling and a new connection.


The Ace of Cups in the past means that you were creative and passionate about life and it could be a good feeling that you have.  There is a time in your past where you were motivated, and you had good things happening.  Remember these times and this will get you through bad things.


The present with the Ace of Cups means that things in life will be good.  Things will go well and there is nothing to worry about.  If anything, bad comes, take care of it and work through it.  The Ace shows us that there is newness in your life, and you will start something new.


The future of the Ace of Cups means that you will struggle, and you will beat it.  No matter what happens you will fight it and you will be able to overcome.  You will reach your reward and you will be able to work hard and not give up.  Even with emotions that re with this you will have a better life and even bad days will be okay.


In work, the Ace of Cups will show you that you will start a new job.  You will move towards a new step in life that you ant to be in.  You will branch out and be on your own and you will inspire others.


In love, the Ace of Cups shows us that it is a good sign and you will have a new relationship.  You will have a relationship that will be a big deal and you will be committed to it. It will be someone that will bring out the good in you and you will grow together with them.


In your friendships with the Ace of Cups, you will not argue and be upset with your friends.  You will have good conversation and will know them more.  You might feel lonely for a time but it will pass.


With the Ace of Cups card, you will have a new leaf and you will pay for things that you need and you will be able to get other things.  Don’t be lazy and do not follow bad work ethics.


Your health with the Ace of Cups will be strong and you will be recovering from a problem either physical or mental.  You will look at yourself and learn to take care of your body and mind.  You will eat better and work out and exercise your body and mind.


Your spiritual being with the Ace of Cups will mean that you are inspiring others to be better. You will volunteer and teach people to change their lives.


The Ace of Cups will have an emotional strength in your life. It can hold you back unless you can learn to control it.  You have to let things out and not build up your emotions or bottle them.


The 1 shows the beginning and the Ace shows the number 1.  The Ace of cups represents a beginning or a new thing in life.


  • Emotions
  • Love life
  • Happiness
  • Giddy


The Ace of Cups represents the element of water.

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