Using Tarot Cards to Understand Sex

Tarot Cards to Understand Sex

Tarot cards can give you information about who you are and what you like in your life. This is a tool of divination that has been around since ancient times. You can ask tarot cards anything about your life but if you want to know more about your sexual life and your desires, you can use the tarot cards to understand your life in this way as well. Some people need sexual healing, and they find power in sex. A reading can help you get meaning in to the things that you desire the most.

Sexual Energies

You can look at the sexual energies that you have in your life, and you can use the cards to help you know more about yourself. This can give you signs and symbols about what kind of guidance you need when it comes to intimacy.

Tarot cards can answer questions about your sex life, and it can help you to understand the intimacy that you have with yourself and with others. The Court cards can help you to understand things that are sexual in your life.

Minor Arcana Cards

Here are some of the Minor Arcana cards and what they mean with sex:

  • Suit of Wands

These are cards that work with the fire element. This can mean that you are passionate and that you want to express yourself through sex. It can be a sign that you need to set a mood when you have sex by using candles or be using music.

  • Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups works with the water element, and it can mean that you have an emotional connection with sex instead of using it for physical needs. This can be a positive suit and it can represent a healthy situation for your sexual relationship. It can help you to see sex as being used instead of love if looked at reversed and it can mean promiscuity.

  • Suit of Swords

This suit is one that works with the air element. It can help you to have intellectual energy and it can represent sexual things that you have hidden or things that you have not dealt with such as trauma. It can be the desires that you have, and it can help you to have pleasure. You might like bondage or other fantasies and that is who you are.

  • Suit of Pentacles

This suit represents the earth element, and it represents the body. It shows that you have a desire to be touched or to touch someone and it can happen when you have sex without an emotional attachment. It can mean that you don’t want a long-term commitment.

Major Arcana Cards

Some of these cards can be sexual such as:

  • The Devil

This card can mean that you are in a sexual union and that you might be with someone that isn’t good for you. You might see that this can represent a love affair, and this can show up when you work in the sex industry. It can also mean that you are good at making love.

  • The Lovers

This card shows that you are infatuated but you don’t always want to commit to someone. It can mean that you are learning to love everything about yourself. It can also mean that you have a spiritual, sexual, and emotional connection or that you really want one.

  • Temperance

The Temperance card can come in a reading when you love sex. This can be straight, bisexual, or gay. You want to explore sex and you want to have passion in bed.

Sex Tarot Questions

Here are some of the things that people ask when getting a tarot card reading for sex:

  • What does my partner want in bed? Some people want to know what their partner wants in bed. This can be something that is powerful and that helps you to understand what you and your partner need when having sex.
  • How can you be more sexual? This card can mean that you need to be grounded and confident in what you want. It is a time to learn about your body and to explore what you want. Look at the fantasies that you have and journal them. Find out what brings you pleasures and makes you confident.
  • How can you heal your sexual trauma? This is a spread that can be done for you to face past trauma. It can mean that you need to have healing and that you have strong energy, but you are suffering from trauma. This can mean that you need to heal and be in a safe relationship. Sometimes this means being vulnerable and being grounded in love.

Final Thoughts

You can do your own tarot card reading or you can find someone that can give you a tarot card reading that is a professional reader. Find someone that can help you to figure out what you like in sex and what you need in order to be intimate with someone.