Three of Swords

Three of Swords
Three of Swords

The third card in the Suit of Wands is the Three of Wands card.  This card is a great card to draw when you are having a reading because it means that you are aiming for something better.  The Three of Wands usually represents your goals and will help you to prepare for them.

The Three of Wands shows success over your time and will help you think about the future.


The past of the Three of Wands shows that you were in a position where you were afraid and worried about thinking about the future.  On the other hand, it could have been a time when you didn’t rush and stayed back and considered what your options were.  You were very mature for your age and were more responsible than other people your age.


The Three of Wands in your present shows that you will start a new thing in your life.  You will not want to rush, and you will want to make sure that you give your whole life to what you are reaching for.  This will help you when you want to advance. Remian focused on the goal.


The future of the Three of Wands card is a meaning for an outcome that you need.  You will be happy in your life if you work hard, and it won’t be about making money but about being able to reach your goals.  You will find if you are creative that, more doors will open for you. Some may see your creativity as something odd, but it will lead to better things.


The work with the Three of Wands shows that you are working towards a goal, but you are not sure how things in life are really going.  You will need to be successful, and this means not giving up.  If you are tired, this is natural, and take a day to play.  Figure out how to be happy and remember that there is no race in life.  If things are going too slow, that is okay.  Don’t be afraid to do something on your own and do this if you want to grow faster.  If you are struggling to choose a school or a job, choose one further away just for safety purposes.


With love in the Three of Wands, you want to know if your love can last forever and if you want to change things.  Don’t make rash or fast decisions on this.  Check and see if you are balanced, and make sure that your relationship is not overbearing or demanding.  Even good relationships need time apart and time to grow.  Too much time spent with each other can change your idea of life.


Your friendship with the Three of Wands shows that you need time alone and time from your best friends.  Do something you have never done before and learn to meet new people.  Find a new place to go and establish yourself. This may be uncomfortable at first, but you will reap the rewards of putting yourself out there.


Your finances with the Three of Wands show that you have worked hard and that you are going to be rewarded.  When money wasn’t a concern for you, remember those times, life will look like that again.  You will have a satisfying life, and you will be able to save money for things you need in the future.  Save up for a start of a new business or a down payment for a car or a home.  Set a goal and reach it.


Your health with the Three of Wands shows that you are doing well and applying your life to working out and eating right.  If you don’t see results, keep going, things don’t happen fast.  You aren’t trying to change your body; you are changing your mindset, which will help you for the rest of your life. All changes begin in the mind before becoming a reality.


The spirituality of the Three of Wands shows you that your life can be hard and that you need to meditate in order to make it through.  You will have so much information that it can sometimes get fuzzy, and you won’t know what to do.  Take time alone and look at the whole picture.  Figure out what you need to focus on and who can help you to do that.


The reverse of the Three of Wands will tell you that life can take a turn, and you might see things delayed in your life.  Don’t hold onto people for love or for not loving you or for money or because you are jealous.  Get rid of some of your attachments so you can grow in your life. Attachments often hold us back if we have too many or some we are unwilling to lose.


Three is the number of the Three of Wands, and this can mean that you are grounded in the world but more towards materials.  You are creative, and this card represents birth, life, and death and reminds you that you are in a life cycle.  You will not see the end right now, but you must push on.  You will reach your goals if you stay motivated.


  • Tunnel Vision
  • Dedication
  • Creative


The element associated with the Three of Wand card is the fire element.

Yes or No Question? 

The answer is yes. Remember to keep an open mind when receiving a reading. This card has both positive and negative attributes, but as always, readings are not set in stone. If something is revealed that you do not like, change your pathway.