Page of Wands

Page of Wands
Page of Wands

The eleventh card in the suit of Wands is the Page of Wands card.  This card shows a real-life person who will be in your life, someone that you most likely know.  This will be a younger male, and they will bring you a lot of influence in your life.

The Page of Wands represents adventure and starting a new life. Just as a young male often seeks adventure as he is starting his life, you too can expect some excitement.


With the Page of Wands, the past position means that you will see a specific person in your past that affected you for a long time in your life.  He is probably a male and will be full of life and adventure.  This might have been someone that made you jealous and can also mean that you completed something that made you proud as a child. The Page of Wands could represent who you were and show that you were more mature than your age represented.  This can mean you will have a good jump on starting your life.


The present position with the Page of Wands shows that you have good news coming and you are looking for new things.  You will do something unforgettable soon, and you will see that your life will change once you reach your destination.  You will not feel like you are lost, but you will feel passionate. Embrace your adventure and the changes that come.


The future position of the Page of Wands shows that you will start a new life.  You will change how you live and stop worrying about your life.  Your life will get better, and you need to expect there to be a better and freer future.  Your choices will decide what actions you take.  If something makes you scared, you have to have a long-term goal to handle it.  It will reward you in life when you are not afraid of what is going on and you learn to confront the things you are afraid of over time.  You need to change your fear into opportunity.


The Page of Wands regarding work shows that you have a woman who will help you somehow.  She will be able to give you a good word or advice.  You need to apply for a job or position that you want now and if you have finished training for something, use your skills wisely.


The love of the Page of Wands shows that you can have a better connection with your partner.  This is a good sign when you are trying to find love, or if you are single, find someone who will fall head over heels for you; this will happen soon.  They will seem right, and this is the perfect person for you.  So expect to be in a new and exciting relationship. Trust your instinct when someone new enters your life.


The friendship of the Page of Wands shows that things are going well and you need to make friends younger than you.  So join a club of younger people and find more female friends who have the same interest.


The finances of the Page of Wands show that you will have what you are looking for, but if you have been putting your own money into a project, you will get more creative.  You will have ideas that will be business oriented and can take you in a new direction in life. Follow through with your ideas.


The health of the Page of Wands shows that you know what your mind and body are saying to you.  Eat well and exercise, and you will know what to avoid.  Practice living a good life and model good things for someone that is in your life. If necessary, see a doctor for advice on how to get healthier.


The Page of Wands shows that your spirituality will need more creativity.  If you have no idea what you want to do, make a point to figure it out.  Become creative and do not follow the rules.  Don’t be restricted and learn to be free. Remember, spirituality is what you make of it, so have some fun while getting in touch with your spiritual side.


The Page of Wands shows that you have no clear direction in life, and you might feel that you have wasted a lot of time.  You will feel that you have a lot of energy, but you are still not reaching your goals.  You have to take time alone to figure out what you need to do.  Do not be restricted by what other people feel or believe.  The best time to do something is now and not in the future.  Figure out what you want in life and live it.  Allow things to grow.


  • Excite
  • Good news coming
  • Optimistic
  • Free


The element of the Page of Wands is fire.

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