Tarot Spreads

Tarot Spreads

The “Tarot Spread” is one of the most popular ways that people use Tarot cards when doing a reading.  When a spread is made, the universal meanings for certain cards will be known and placed.  Many of these spreads are known well, such as the Celtic cross, which is used outside of the Tarot, but there are different spreads for whatever situation or aspect you are going through in your life.

The Tarot cards have different meanings and descriptions, and when you look at them, you need to allow your reader the chance to interpret all of the cards regardless of what position the cards are in.  So let your reader go over the cards with you and let them draw out the cards and lay them out in the correct order to be read correctly.


Look at the cards as they have been laid out.  Do not move the cards or change them.  Look up the different meanings from each group of cards, such as:

  • Suit of Swords
  • Suit of Pentacles
  • Suit of Cups
  • Suit of Wands
  • Major Arcana

Write a short paragraph about the spread you have in front of you and keep it in a personal journal.  This will help you remember the cards and help you have a longer time to interpret what they mean for your past, present, and future.

Use your journaling to help yourself grow and to challenge yourself.  Write down the things you have faced in your life, and let the cards guide and help you.

Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords helps to tell thoughts and personal things.  The Swords are there to look deep into the mind, and the element of the Swords is the element of air.  These cards can remind you of what you have done and the fears and challenges seen to reaching goals.

These are cards that are mainly represented in the Swords suit.  These cards can be associated with conflict, and not all people can reach their goals or what they are working towards.  The Swords also represent personal intellect and how you can logically see things instead of how the emotions control you.

Suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is a symbolic card that has different symbolic meanings.  This can be satanic worship or Wiccan belief and is seen in different religions.

Pentacles represent wealth and the Earth element.  This deals with wealth, being materialistic, having possessions, and income.  The Pentacles represent more than wealth; they represent being grounded and taking care of your life.  You can take care of issues that can be fixed and have goals, obstacles, and desires.

Suit of Cups

The cups represent the vessel and the element of water.  Different cups show you different things, such as the Suit of Cups usually deals with females and emotional situations that come in life.

Some symbols are used with these cards, and the vessel is usually something that will hold liquid, which is considered a female (cup).  So when looking at the Suit of Cups, it represents someone that will think with logic and someone that is strong in their spirituality.

If you see the cups a lot when reading is happening, it probably means that you are someone that is very emotional and that you are personal to what the reading is telling you.

There are times when your emotions will be good and times when they will be bad, so if there is a reading that you get and it has a lot of cups in, chances are it can be either a good reading or a bad reading.

Suit of Wands

The Wands cards are also known as the rods, and they are part of some of the Tarot decks that you can buy.  This is part of the magic part of the tarot reading.  A Magician will have a wand, and so do witches and wizards.  They use the wands to cast spells.

The wands will show when there is energy in a reading and when things need to be accomplished.  The wand will show you that you can affect other people if you are around them.  Your desires affect others.

Major Arcana

The first set of cards in the Tarot set is the Major Arcana, and it is different than the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana is divided into allegorical symbols called the Journey of the Fool instead of suits, like a regular playing deck of cards would be.  So using Tarot cards will be a symbolic journey, and it can help you interpret all of the things going on in your life.

The Major Arcana will show you a scene that focuses on people, and it will have different descriptions and different symbolic meanings.

If you want to understand the cards better, you can ask your psychic to give you a Tarot reading.  This can allow you to learn to understand the meaning of each of the cards.  If you want to have a highly recommended expert do your reading, contact someone at PsychicOz.com for all of your Tarot card reading needs.

Simple Spreads

Some simple spreads are found in the Tarot, including:

  • Single Card Spread
  • Past, future, and present
  • Life Aspect Spread
  • Five Card Spread
  • Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • Mind, Body, and Soul Spread
  • Long Term Crush Spread
  • Career Choice Spread
  • Spring Clean Spread

Single Card Spread

The Single Card spread is the easiest spread that can be done.  You can ask single questions with this spread about your life, and you can get a simple answer.

You have to draw one card and put it down to get an answer.  This works well if you want to ask a yes or no question.

With the single card spread, if the question is a hard question to answer and is not simple, give a no answer.

Past, Future, and Present Spread

The Past, Future, and Present Spread is another easy spread.  This spread is all about time and is one when you first start out doing readings.

When a person comes to you, have an open mind and shuffle the deck of cards.  Then, draw three cards out of the deck and put them face down.  The card to the left is the first card, the middle card is the second card, and the card to the right is card number 3.

Card one (left card) is one that deals with the past.  The person is where they are because of the past and what they have done in their life.

Card two (middle card) is the card that deals with the present.  This is how the person feels now, how they act and feel, and why.

Card three (right card) is the card that deals with the future.  This card is a good card but remember that the future can always change because of free will.  This card shows the path the person is on.

Life Aspect

The card spread that is the Life Aspect Spread deals with life issues that a person is having.  So if a person comes to you for a reading, have an open mind and shuffle the deck.

Take six cards and put them face down, and then turn over the top card on the left; this is card number 1.  Follow the top row and then the bottom row in the same exact way.

Card 1:  This card tells about their careers and what kind of work they do.

Card 2:  This is a card that deals with love and romance

Card 3:  This card shows the friendship that people have.

Card 4:  This card is all about finances and money.

Card 5:  This card is about mental health and how someone feels in their mind.

Card 6:  This card is all about spiritual things.

This is your reading when you have all of the cards spread out.

Five Card Spread

The five-card spread is an easy spread, and the reason it is used because five is a strong number.  The number five keeps people grounded, and this spread shows the person’s goals in their life.

When you start the reading, make sure you have an open mind and shuffle the deck of cards.  Take five cards and put them face down in a line.

Turn the card to the left over; this is card number 1.  Then work through 2, 3, 4, and 5, which is the card all the way to the right.

Card 1:  This card is how you are feeling right now.

Card 5:  This card shows what goals that you have.  These goals can be relationships or even a career choice.

Card 2, 3, and 4:  These cards show the problems and challenges you will face when trying to reach your goal.  You might already know of issues you have, or these might be new to you.  If you like someone, for example, but you cannot talk to them because you are nervous to talk to new people, then this means they don’t know that you even exist.  This is one type of challenge you could face.

There are three main issues that you can face in reaching your goal.

Another example is your career.  If you are trying to find a new job or a career path, the number 5 card can show you what kind of work you would like and would be good for you.  Card 1 will tell you how your state of mind is at the moment.  Card 2, 3, and 4 will show you what you need to do to reach the goal you have in card 5.

Do not ever change the cards once they have been laid out.

Kabbalistic Tree of Life Spread

This spread is a spread that lets you look inside of yourself.  The tree of life is a tool that allows you to understand how things in the world relate to who you are.  This spread shows who you are and what goals you have.

When you get your cards, have an open mind, and then shuffle the deck of cards.  Then, take 10 cards and place them in front of you, face down.

The cards will represent each of the following things:

  • Card 1 (top middle) will be the goals you want to reach.
  • Card 2 (top, right) this will be what makes you be who you are, such as an event or a person.
  • Card 3 (top, left) this card shows what is going to help you in your life
  • Card 4 (right, second down) This card is what you find important and things you hold close to your heart.
  • Card 5 (left, second down) This card shows how you will treat others and how you will impact them when you are trying to reach your goal.
  • Card 6 (middle, second down) This card shows how you are physically and how your health will affect you and those around you.
  • Card 7 (right, third down) This card is the people you will meet along your journey.
  • Card 8 (left, third down) This card represents a career path that would be good for you to take.
  • Card 9 (middle, third down) This card shows things you have hidden away, such as your secret desires.
  • Card 10 (middle, fourth down) This card is a representation of your physical self and what is happening in the world around you.

Mind, Body, and Soul Spread

This spread is a trinity spread because it makes up all of the parts of your being.  For example, the mind represents how you look at the world.

The body is a representation of how the world around you affect you.

The soul is a representation of what you desire in life.  Some of these things are hidden, while others are not hidden.

When you feel like you are stuck in life, the Mind, Body, and Soul spread can be very helpful.  This can give you an idea of what is affecting how you are living your life and help you figure out what you are really desiring.

When you get the deck of cards, have an open mind, and shuffle the deck.  Take three cards and put them in front of you, face down and in a line.  Turn over the card to the left.  The left card represents the mind.  Then, turn over the middle card.  This card represents the body.  The card on the right represents the soul.  Turn this card over last.

Long Term Crush

The Long-Term Crush card is helpful when you want to be with someone, but you have something that always seems to be holding you back.

Life, lust, and even love can hold you back, but they are all hard to understand and grasp.

This spread can help you look at your situation and see what kind of changes you need to make.  Always start with a clear and open mind and shuffle the cards.

Put the cards down; the first one turns sideways, the middle one turns up and down, and the third one turns sideways.

The card on the left that is turned sideways is called the crush card.  This card is the person that you want to be with.  This will give you an idea of their personality and show you things about them that you might not know.

The middle card or the obstacle card (turned up and down) is the card that shows something that you might not even know to be a problem.  This can mean that your crush is keeping things from you or holding back some secret, and it is stopping you from being able to be with them.

The right card, or your card that is turned sideways, shows you things that you might not know about yourself.  This card shows how you want to go after the person you have a crush on.  People change when they know that they like someone.  This card can be used as a mirror to show how you can change who you are to get your crush to like you.

Career Choices Spread

The Career Choices Spread is a spread that can help you find the right career for you.  When you are looking to find a job or make a career move, you will have different choices that you can make in life.  Sometimes, these choices cause stress, and even if you are choosing between jobs, you always need to be careful with your choices.

The Career Choice Spread is there to help you to take the time to figure out what is good about the choice you are about to make and what is bad about it.

Make sure that you are calm and collected before you begin this spread.  Put four cards in front of you, face down.  There can be two cards for each choice, and you can add more if you have more than two choices; that is great, but only use two cards per choice and put them in pairs.

The card that is on the right shows the bad things that will come out of that choice.  This is not a spread that you should rush, and you need to make sure that you take time to look at the meaning and understand the meaning of each of the cards.

Spring Clean Spread

When you want a new beginning or to renew your mind, you don’t have to wait until spring cleaning time to do this.  If you want to reinvent who you are, there are many ways that you can do this.  You can find something new that you love to do, pick up a new hobby, get a new home, redo your home, buy some new clothing, make new friends, get a new hairstyle or makeover, or just make new lifestyle changes.

Every day, we all change a little bit, and sometimes we change for the better, and sometimes it is for the worse.

Many people will wait until the first day of the year, the week, the month, or whenever to start something new or to do better in life, but the great thing is, you can start now.  With the Spring Clean Tarot spread, you can find out what kind of changes would be great in your life and where you can find them.

This is an easy spread.  First, make sure you have a clear and open mind and shuffle the deck.  Next, place one card on the side, and this card will show you things in your life that you might want to remove.  To help you with this, put three different cards on top of it, and these three cards can allow you to find a new direction in your life.  The card on the left is the card that means a short-term change that you should make.  The card in the middle is a long-term change, and then the card on the right-hand side represents a goal that you have in your life.

Think about the cards for a few days after you look at them because sometimes the answers do not come immediately.  Remember, when things do not seem obvious at first, take time to relook at them and pay attention to what you might have missed.

If considering receiving a Tarot reading, keep an open mind and choose a reader who uses the type of spread you prefer and that relates to your question or concern.